Fired Sandusky officer to get job back, $50K payout

One point in an alleged Sandusky police love triangle is getting his job back.
Emil Whitis
Feb 15, 2013

Arbitrator Mary Jo Schiavoni ruled Tuesday that Sandusky officials did not have “just cause” to fire former Sandusky police Sgt. Steve Ritterbach last year.  

“He’ll be back within the next week or so,” Sandusky police Lt. John Orzech said.

Schiavoni ordered the city to convert the firing into a 30-day suspension. In other words, Ritterbach will not only wear a badge and a gun again, he’ll also get eight months of back pay, plus whatever benefits he would have accrued since June.

This is on top of two months of pay he received on administrative leave, while Sandusky police administrators investigated a texting affair between his wife, Jennifer Ritterbach, and former Sandusky police Officer Todd Smith.

In the end, Ritterbach will receive pay for 10 months of non-service to the city — a check for at least $50,000, based on his most recent salary data.  

For more on the original incident that led to the firing and what's next for the others involved, pick up a copy of Friday's Register.



You have to ask yourself some questions on what it takes to be a good police officer. Use the internet to find out what these traits are. Good and honest police officers make up a good police department. Good officers do not partake in the blue code of silence but will expose the unworthy ones unfit to wear the badge.

Bad officers can make a whole police department look bad. Take for instance this video of the California Highway Patrol and how they treated a pregnant young woman on a very busy and noisy California highway. The corrupt LAPD is much worse. Some people should not be police officers because they lack the traits to be a good and honest one.

Now look how the CHP tried to lie their way out of not providing the dash cam footage of the police assault on the pregnant woman.


All of this over hormones. That's the sad part.


I feel sorry for the guy. His wife got all the fun and will probably end up with most of the cash.