Fired Sandusky worker asks commissioners to help clear his name

City manager Nicole Ard fired a department head for allegedly deceiving colleagues and showing dishonesty when buying sand from his brother’s company.
Andy Ouriel
Feb 13, 2013

But Scott Miller, a 21-year city employee with a flawless work history, contends Ard axed him for one honest mistake totaling $900.

Now Miller — the former general services superintendent previously supervising streets, parks and recreation — said he might be forced to file a lawsuit against the city to reclaim his job.

“The allegations are not supported by any verifiable facts,” Miller wrote in a letter to city commissioners delivered to them Monday just prior to a commission meeting.

“I never attempted to deceive anyone or act dishonestly or even inappropriately at any time.”

In mid-January Ard called upon police officers to escort Miller from his office. She placed him on administrative leave after learning he purchased sand from his brother’s company, Monroeville-based Miller Farms and Trucking.

See PDFs related to the investigation and Miller's plea for help below.

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Truth or Fiction

So the City is now left with NO General Services Administrator, NO City Engineer, NO Economic Development Director, an interim Police Chief, etc. No wander the budget got balanced.


Good point. The old shell game and smoke and mirrors


You are right Truth or Fiction. A savings of $70,000 will go towards hiring a Engineer and Police Chief who will ask for a tremendous amount of money to be hired. The Police Chief and Engineer will both have contracts with all the perks and a big salary to go with it. It is a shell game,robbing Peter to pay Paul. You can only apply this theory so long and then it catches up with you. Just like the private sector did, eliminate the middle management.

Pastor Ron

Fire Miller over the $900 in dispute while still paying Iscman to do the City Manager Job? Ard has been in place over a year and Iscman is still getting paid as if he is doing the job. The pay increase was supposed to be temporary.

Just Sayin IMHO

I dont know if I would call them trumped up charges (tsk tsk, SR), but I do not believe it warranted being fired. I would have to look at his work history, which appears to be a pretty good one, according to SR, but I would have to see for myself....