DeWine makes headlines

Ohio Attorney General on "60 Minutes" tonight
Feb 10, 2013


DeWIne talks with the CBS program's Steve Kroft in second segment during this evening's broadcast, coming up next. He talks about the consumer protection section of the AG's office that assists consumers seeking help to correct mistakes on their credit report because too often they find it nearly impossible to get inaccurate information removed.




Julie R.

What about the headlines on page 2 of the SR last week about a Murray defending a lawsuit after criticism from Governor Kasich? Kasich denounced the latest suit filed by Dennis Murray, Jr. that claimed the JobsOhio program is unconstitutional. Kasich told reporters the suit was brought by "nihilists" who want to destroy economic development in Ohio and he said they'll "have to answer to a higher power." Kasich also said he's considering a push for legislation that would provide the plaintiffs filing "nuisance" lawsuits start paying for the cost of the lawsuits.

Way to go, Governor Kasich!


Here's a novel thought? How about legislation for nuisance tax levies, especially school levies. Seems like there's always one on the ballot until it gets passed.