Autopsy results show nothing suspicious in Ottawa Co. baby's death

Results from the autopsy of a 3-month-old boy showed no signs of criminal wrongdoing, according to Ottawa County Sheriff Steve Levorchick.
Jessica Cuffman
Feb 9, 2013


“There is no confirmation of any wrongdoing,” Levorchick said. “There was no solid indication that there was any wrongdoing.”

The Lucas County coroner’s office finished the autopsy of Corbin Bragg on Thursday, but detectives will wait on toxicology results before closing the investigation.

“Until that comes back, nothing can be conclusive,” Levorchick said.

Corbin was home with his father Tuesday morning when he stopped breathing and his dad called 911. He was later pronounced dead at Magruder Hospital.

Detectives immediately launched an investigation, which is standard in the death of a young child.



Why isn't this a BREAKING NEWS headline? When it was suspicious it was obscene the coverage it was given. Now that the TRUTH comes out and the media is bored with it, there is noone to crucify, it is all the way down 5 or 6 stories.


I hope all the people that printed negative crap on here feels as low as they really are.


My sympathies to the family who lost this little baby. May you be at peace knowing he is safely in God's arms.

Kottage Kat

This is a tragedy
As a mother who has lost a child
My heart is with this family and for them
My thoughts and prayers to all
God has another angel


Hate to say I told you so, probably was SIDS. So sad when families lose a baby like this and people want to point fingers. Had a friend who lost their baby to awful.

Julie R.

Sad and awful is right. I know a family that went through the same thing. They found their baby dead in his crib and when an autopsy was done it showed the baby was full of cancer and nobody ~ not even the doctors ~ had ever suspected anything was wrong.


I hope all of the finger pointers will get off of their high horses now and say I'm sorry for jumping to conclusions. My most sincere condolences to the family of God's newest angel.


Wow, shocking it wasn't the parent! That doesn't happen to often. I think all the people talking crap have the right to feel the way they do! This world is UGLY people! Stop being so naive and pay attention. Oh yeah and there's that whole freedom of speech thing too. I almost forgot about that!


It's called SIDS ... The world isn't always perfect but not every baby that dies suddenly is a victim of homicide


Blame the SR they printed the headline to begin with.... without any facts first.. and for all that's happened in the last year or two ... what the hell do you think readers are g oing to do?

Everyone is jumpy about this kind of thing now, simply due to its' recent rise .

Maybe the paper should n't be stirring the pot so damn much.


ColdAsIce may be right when s/he says the world is ugly, but that's no excuse for jumping to some very serious conclusions based on some VERY scanty online "evidence." If the story had indicated police thought the death suspicious, or that criminal charges were pending, that might be different. But to immediately jump on the notion that another parent killed another child was...well, it was WRONG. And each and every one who did it ought to be ashamed.

My condolences to the family. I simply cannot imagine how you must feel. (And since I dearly hope the family can't be bothered to read the online paper, I hope someone who knows them will pass along the KIND words being posted here now, even as they treat the UNKIND words previously posted with the contempt they deserve.)

Good 2 B Me

Sad for the family.
Sad for those who was upset that they were wrong.
I do jump to conclusions sometimes too, but man...
This was a sad story.