Ohio prison system wants meal service privatized

The Ohio prisons system wants to privatize its food service operations in a move that could save $15 million and result in more than 300 lost jobs.
Associated Press
Feb 8, 2013

The Department of Rehabilitation and Correction says it remains committed to balancing its budget without reducing bed space or closing any more prisons.

Prisons spokeswoman JoEllen Smith said Thursday that savings would come through staffing, meal and equipment costs, with the possible reduction of 380 jobs.

Smith says 56 of the 380 employees have already found other jobs within the agency and the state hopes to help more find positions.

Unions representing guards at the adult and youth prison system, which is also considering a privatized food service, promise to fight the proposal, calling it unfair and unsafe.




Just look at the article about the Hensley woman . Security is a huge concern .


Yea, there's never any corruption connected with taxpayer funded public employees is there?

Privatization allows for better cost control.

Hemsley? We haven't gotten the whole story. Coercion?


Coercion ? Now you're stretching it . There will always be corrupt employees , but we don't have to make it easier for them . How much money are they really going to save if all they do is relocate the existing employees ? And , besides our taxes are still paying the private contractor to do the job , so really how much better is the savings compared to less security ?


The point: You're ASSUMING that public employees are more trustworthy than private. Nice fallacy.

Private ees. are easier to fire.

Unionized public employees health and welfare benefits are guaranteed by state taxpayers, private are not.

Lotsa pluses.

Hemsley is either the dumbest person in the world (How could she expect not to get caught?) or there are extenuating circumstances. At this point without all the facts, I tend towards the latter.


You also have to consider that the existing employees more then likely pay more taxes on their wages then what a private contractor would take out since they are probably paying their employees less , so there is a loss on fed. and state taxes paid in . If they really crunched the numbers , I hope they took that into consideration too .


Reduction in wages? Again more assuming.

You also are assuming that more pay = better employees. It ain't necessarily so.

IMO, until it can be proven beyond a reasonable doubt that a job can be performed better by a public ee. I say - privatize.

"Let govt. do it" is a knee-jerk, dumbed-down mental reaction for many and it's bankrupting this country.


If most of them just get moved to another job in the system then they more then likely won't lose those benefits . So , the cost is just offset to another department . Sounds like the old shell game to me . See the savings here . When the cost was just moved over there. Slight of the accountant's hand ; )


Move to other positions? Reads like the public unions got taxpayers by the cojones doesn't it?

Better check out my ol' stomping ground of IL. The public employees along with their Dem allies are bankrupting the state.

The governor wants to raise the min. wage to $10/hr. That must mean better employees! :)


Kinda sounds like congress doesn't it . guaranteed health and pensions for life , to do absolutely nothing . Is it so wrong for regular working people to have some job security? Minimum wage to 10/hr. also means more tax revenue coming in . A good move . If you can't unionize , raise the minimum wage .

The Bizness

A member of congress does not get "guarenteed health and pensions for life"



Ok , not guarenteed but still way better then most . The point was that their benefits and wages come from taxpayers just like other government employees . Their deal is still sweeter then the unionized portion of government employees.


Bluto writes:

"Minimum wage to 10/hr. also means more tax revenue coming in . A good move."

Better familiarize yourself with the economic concept of the wage-price spiral.


I meant a good move on the governments part . What is good for them sometimes comes at a cost to us . Even in the wage-price spiral theory ,the government still gets it's revenue , either from wages or sales tax on goods . At least until the economy reaches a tipping point .


The govt. gets it's revenue? Ain't working too well in Greece right now.

Tipping point? Deflation. Shades of the 1930s!

Based on a lot of evidence, we're in the midst of a currency war now.


History doesn't repeat, but it rhymes.



You're well-read, certainly you've seen the quote (the author of which escapes me) "God created economists to make weather men look good."


@ wetsu:

Thanks for the quote.

I prefer Bob Zimmerman: "You don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows"

And likewise with economists. I take NONE at face value.

BTW: Venezuela devalued their currency by 1/3.

In our hubris we like to think that we're smarter than the "fools" that went before us.

Some say that a major issue in the 1930s was lack of liquidity, so Bernanke along with most central bankers are providing the opposite as a "cure." Let's hope he's right. :)


That Zimmerman boy once described this whole situation pretty well when he said "Everything is broken."


No , More pay doesn't mean better employees . Corruption , like I said before will always be a factor no matter who is running the show . My point is that , creative accounting can make it seem like savings when it actually is not . I have seen it done before . I believe you have heard the term cooking the books . Looks good to the public as long as you don't follow the money too closely . Without full disclosure all we are left with are assumptions anyway . This may require further investigation .


As a budgeted line item, cost controls are easier - privatize.

If the private contractor ain't doin' the job - fire 'em.

Trying to fire a public ee. is a pain in the culo.

Agreed - further investigation.


I agree that getting rid of union employees that don't do their jobs , can be difficult . No one should be able to stay in a job if they aren't up to the task , but just because some abuse it doesn't make the whole system bad . Just the abusers .


Study Deming - it's ALWAYS the system.

Corruption in govt. is easier to hide - accounting shell games.


Just one more example of public jobs going private and saving the tax payers a ton of money.

Bottom line, the government can never do it as good.

The Bizness

Well at least Erie County is already privatized seeing that the employee that got busted worked for Aramark and not the county, right?

I see nothing wrong with going private in this case as long as it saves money. Some times privatizing can cost more as the company keeps trying to get more and more profit.


The profit-loss motive tends toward efficiency and productivity.

If the contractor is doin' a lousy job or costing too much - fire 'em and/or put it out for bid.


One study. Also, would like to see potential political campaign cash tentacles. Kick backs maybe?

So if the govt. operated a grocery store chain prices would be less?

A good argument for socialism eh?

Chavez nationalized 1000 cos. in oil rich Venezuela - people are scrounging for food.

The Bizness

I think that private organizations are important but it is by no means a cure all.


Didn't write that it was.

But IMO, free market solutions and methods should be researched FIRST instead of the current, "let govt. do it" knee-jerk reaction.

The Bizness

you implied it by bring up grocery stores


Please note that it was a question and "implied" nothing.