Snow in Ohio already exceeding last winter totals

Did someone say let it snow?
Associated Press
Feb 4, 2013

Areas of central and southern Ohio have gotten more snow already this winter than all of last season. That's making a lot of kids and ski-resort operators happy, but not the folks who've had to drive around in it.

The National Weather Service said Monday that the approximately 2 ½ feet of snow in Columbus so far this season is double what central Ohio got during all of last winter. The nearly 19 inches in Dayton and foot in Cincinnati also about doubled last winter's totals in those regions.

The weather service said Cleveland has logged about 28 inches this season — about 10 inches short of the snowfall total for all of last winter.

More snow is expected in Ohio Monday.




I should NEVER have threatened our snowblower on Friday. I am sorry I did.


When we got our first house, my father bought us a snowblower.

For the next 22 yrs. of its life, occasionally when I spoke with him on the phone, I would thank him. :)


And if the trend continues, Chicago is headed for a new low record in snowfall amt. - go figure.

Too much - global warming; too little - global warming. Gotcha comin' and goin'.

The Bizness

I will say this once again...

A single year of weather is exactly that weather

Climate is the average weather over a number of years


You’ve undoubtedly learned the propaganda well.

And the climate "averages" are whatever the Lords of the High Church of Climate Change want them to be. The "game" is rigged.

H*ll, we still don't understand the mechanics and the consequences of El Nino and La Nina which were just discovered about one decade ago.

The Bizness

Once again you are wrong

There is no point in arguing with someone who doesn't understand how science works


On the contrary, I understand how dogma works VERY well. :)


You are right, No use in arguing.
Thats "Climate" vs "Weather" for you.


On "average" the Great Lakes never freeze.

If while attending a small party, Bill Gates walks in the room, on "average," we're all billionaires.


Not around here. It's all poor people. I wouldn't want poor people at my parties, they don't smell good.


They global warming nuts do get ya on the way in and out. You simply cannot win. No matter what its global warming.


I thought that the whole global warming thing was exposed as a hoax a couple years ago?


If “global warming” is caused by humans, then obviously the only “reasonable” explanation for the ending of the last Ice Age was mastodon flatus.


Lets not forget that we have only been recording accurate data (and I use accurate very loosely because before computers and satellites, most of the data was full of errors) for about a hundred or so years. How old is Earth.


Gee arnmcrmn--- You surprise me. I had you figured for a creationist based upon some of your posts. Unless your question "How old is Earth" means you still think it is only a few thousand years old.


‘But do not forget this one thing, dear friends: With the Lord a day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years are like a day." (2 Peter 3:8)

Time is relative.

The Bizness

Here is a rebuke to every single statement you all can think of on why climate change isn't happening...

I read the article above that states that the climate is cooling. Please see the section 1.b.Global Warming Stopped in 1998


It's the "man-made" part of global warming that I have the major problem with.

The U.S. could reduce its "carbon footprint" to zero and it wouldn't make a difference.

So economically, we should shoot ourselves in the foot while the rest of world goes on?

Accordingly, global temps started rising before the rise in CO2 levels. Obviously, it ain't "man-made."

If we are affecting it - it's minimal.

Besides, who's to say what the "correct" temp of the Earth should be anyway?

To our knowledge, the Earth has had five Ice Ages. So yes, climate "changes."

The Bizness

Famine, drought, riots, inundation of coastal cities, loss of species, and other things that will happen too fast and will cost governments billions/trillions of dollars .


Reads too Malthusian.

You forgot male pattern baldness.

BTW: CO2 levels have been rising on Mars. An underground civilization? YIKES!


Actually , China , ( A big polluter ) has done more then the U.S. just recently to reduce their emissions . They are coming around slowly . Also , it takes time for the fluorocarbons , a long time to reach the upper most atmosphere where they do their damage , so even if we stopped all emissions everywhere , it would still be some time to see the full effects of a cleaner atmosphere . Fluorocarbons do occur naturally , but we are dumping tons of the stuff into the air . If it causes draught , flooding , extremes in seasonal temperatures , doesn't that affect us economically as well ? The question isn't if the earth can rebound from this . It's if we'll survive long enough to see it .

The Bizness

Well said Bluto


@ Bluto:

So if the entire population of Earth spends trillions of dollars and collectively ends all CO2 emissions and the temps continue to rise - then what?

Decades from now, oil will still supply the overwhelming majority of our energy needs and to think otherwise is sophistry.

Also, there are advantages to a warming climate, they are not all negative.

When Al Gore and the Kennedys sell their expensive ocean front property at fire sale prices then 'maybe' I'll begin to believe the nonsense.


I would call it an investment for our future . Natural climate changes are not the same as pushing us beyond a tipping point ,and accelerating it through our own actions . Oil is a finite resource , and to rely on it while disregarding potentially limitless sources of energy would be foolish . Come on , this is investing 101 . You don't put all your eggs in one basket . Right? You have to take the long view with this . Unless , you really don't care about anyone but yourself .


You mean male pattern baldness is a there's still a chance....


Isnt it amazing how the liberal media and followers are so worried about climate change (if it even exists) and how it could effect our kids and grand kids..etc, but our runaway train of 17 Trillion.....they just brush it off.

Whats going to kill us first, debt and a looming war to collect on it, or climate change?


"Kill us first?"

I'm betting an invasion from that CO2 spewing underground Martian civilization takes us out. :)

The Bizness

I don't think the media is ignoring, I think our politicians are ignoring it


@ The Bizness:

The "media" is about selling advertising, making money and entertaining.

Are you a vegan? If not, you’re part of the “problem.”

The Bizness

My life style reflects my views, I practice what I preach.

I attempt to live in the most sustainable way possible. You don't have to be vegan to live sustainable. You have some research to do contango.