Perkins Schools hosts levy discussion

Perkins Schools will officially kick off the effort to sway voters for two May tax levies and a new school building with a public meeting Wednesday.
Alissa Widman Neese
Feb 4, 2013


The goal is to recruit levy supporters for the upcoming campaign, but anyone can join the discussion, superintendent Jim Gunner said. It will begin at 7 p.m. in room 805 of Perkins High School.
“We encourage the community to come and become informed,” Gunner said.
Perkins Schools will propose two levies for the May ballot: A five-year renewal of a 2-mill permanent improvement levy and a 10-year, 4.98-mill emergency operating levy.
If approved, the operating levy would provide funds to construct a new building for both junior high and high school students.
Gunner and school board members will present information about the levies and a recent report from the Ohio School Facilities Commission addressing health and safety concerns in the current Perkins High School building.
A short question and answer session will follow.
“We expect civil discourse,” Gunner said. “The intent isn’t to turn the evening into a pro versus con debate of the levy, but if there are questions among taxpayers we’ll certainly try to answer those to the best of our ability.”
Want to go?
What: Perkins Schools Levy committee meeting  
When: 7 p.m. Wednesday
Where: Perkins High School, room 805
RSVP: Chris Gasteier, 419-625-2401


Paige Doster

Chinese classes are being paid by a grant.Chinese is great for children to learn. We offer Spanish and French, is there a difference? If you don't know facts don't write. You all seem to have all the answers on running a school. I hope you run for the School Board with all your ideas. Support who you vote in, go let them know your true feelings at a meeting. This blog makes me sick! And by the way the "Football Stadium" is not just a football stadium but a Soccer, Band and Physical Fitness class "Stadium "too. Privately funded by proud Perkins Pirates.



Sorry to burst your bubble but the athletic complex was not totally funded through public donation.

If you don't know the facts don't write them.


DonutGuy: It's already been widely established that the stadium was built with about 50% private funds and donated time or materials. That was a heck of an effort by the boosters and others in the community to make that happen. So, I think it's a bit nit-picky to point out that the entire project wasn't funded by public donations. I wonder how many of the negative commenters on here have attended an event held in the new facilities to watch students perform athletically, musically, or at a community sponsored event?

Paige is also correct about the Chinese teachers and travel, possibly even a part of salary and insurance. Much (if not all-not sure there) is paid by the company/Chinese gov't that supplies the teachers.


The rent, and repairs to the house were not covered from a grant.


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Vote no.


Vote yes


You have absolutely no shot of either levy passing. Keep dreaming.


Will be nice to see how this forum is received......


There is so much misinformation about the district and a lot of it has to do with finances.

Donutshopguy is right. Stadium: Only half of the stadium was paid for by private donations. The other half is being paid for by taxpayer funds.

Laptops: Many people have wrongly said that the laptops are being paid for by a grant. That is not true. The trainings are being paid for by grants, but the laptops are leased and that has been renewed at least once at a cost of $2.7 million.

Windmills: Many people have said that the windmills were paid for by a grant. We know now that the district is seeking a reimbursement for their funds from the company who installed them.

Chinese: Who knows? I've heard grant.


hEY UNERTHEBRIDGE you are correct, I remember them saying that it was paid for from grant. I thought it was a stuiped idea but if no money came from the tax payers then maybe it would work out and we would not be out anything. NOW the are waiting for money hmmmm. Might be one more quastion to ask. One more hole for them to dig out of.


Where are your numbers and information coming from?


Lies, lies, and more lies. From the Board to Gunner to the paid "consultants".


Everyone please understand. With the change made last year in moving funds from outside millage to inside millage the new proposed operating levy is truly a building levy. This disguise was brought to you by your board of education and orchestrated by your superintendent.

They could have given the taxpayers a straight forward levy for building but chose some smoke and mirrors to cloud the issue.

You must ask yourself why a straight forward approach was not taken?


Because they tried the straight forward approach...TWICE...and the voters said NO both times. They won't do it again because they don't want to be told NO again. They threw their tantrum like a spoiled 5 yr old and moved the inside millage, which will raise your taxes without you getting to vote on it.


I got your discussion right here.........VOTE NO!




Voting No

HS Sports Fan

Most of the businesses in Sandusky are along Rt.250 in Perkins. There should be alot of tax money being generated there? Does the school recieve anything from this?


Most of the property taxes paid to the school come from commercial property. However, remember that the district is locked into collecting only the amount approved by voters from any levy. If property values go up, the auditor makes adjustments so that the district still receives only the actual dollars approved from the levy. The district should see an increase in property tax collections from new construction/businesses. However, local gov'ts and districts typically award tax abatements to major developments to entice them to build and provide jobs so districts and local gov't may not be able to collect the full amount of property tax for some years (Lake Crest Shopping area, Kalahari, for example). There is not enough new development in Perkins Township to make up for the short fall from the state and inflationary cost increases (due to HB 920)


Approximately sixty percent of my residential taxes are applied to the school district. Please explain "most" taxes come from commercial property. Propery values mean nothing if an "emergency" levy is passed. The school will still get $2.15 per year for ten years!!! Your tax RATE will increase to maintain that. The school districts vote on tax abatements, so the inability to collect the full amount of tax is their choice. Again, perhaps an argument for regionalization of schools?


May I ask what the TOTAL millage would be for a house of about 90,000 would be? Just a ballpark figure would do.



And on the flip side if your property value was decreased by the Erie County auditor your portion owed to the schools did not decrease the same. The school system is guaranteed a specific amount of money no matter the change in property value.

The only way to change the amount of money allocated for the schools is by vote.


The problem with the guaranteed amount is it never adjusts for inflation. So as costs to school districts rises, there is no mechanism for districts to recover from the lowered real dollars due to less purchasing power. During the 1970s when inflation was out of control, HB 920 was passed to keep districts from "benefitting" from high inflation that was driving up property values crazily. It has been years since our inflation rate has been that high. Many districts would rarely have to ask for additional money for routine operations if revenues were able to be adjusted in line with inflation.


Like government the schools believe they know how to spend your money better than you do. They want to remove your ability to vote on issues and money allocated.

Do not give up your constitutional rights.

The ability to have a check and balance on our school prevents major misdeeds.


I disagree with the tone of your statement. The people who are hired to run districts and represent voters are going to attempt to make responsible decisions about how to spend tax dollars. You have every right to attend meetings and ask for an accounting of where the money goes. If citizens think it a "waste" of money to upgrade technology for students, then are the district administrators and board members wrong if they disagree and elect to provide the technology for the students because they see a short and long term need for students to have that knowledge. Sometimes, community members want nothing to change; if chalk and slates were good enough for them forty years ago, then the same is good for today. Some community members decry the way money is being spent but don't take the time needed to contact those responsible or to try to understand why the decision was made. I said it before and say it again, most citizens who run for office are not looking to fleece the taxpayers or waste money. They are engaged in trying to help the community move forward. If the critics have the answers, then there should be more people filing paperwork for elected office.


The school board paid for the track and some of the bleachers as they should because those two things needed repair anyways. Nice job Alex. Good to see you valued your education and see the need to make sacrifices for your community.


Really? You have to RSVP? Is that so they know who is going and can avoid their questions? That is crazy! RSVP indeed!


Vote no 'till Gunner goes.



Talk with your superintendent. His desire is to have all millage inside millage so he doesn't have to be dependent on the voting public. Or he would rather have an income tax rather than a voted millage so he doesn't have to deal with the public and rely on them.

Let the public decide.

Sorry, no free reign by bureaucrats. At least at the local level.