Fire destroys Townsend Street home

A Sandusky mother and her two daughters were put out of their home by a fire at about midnight Saturday.
Jessica Cuffman
Feb 3, 2013


They escaped the blaze without harm, and firefighters worked to ventilate the house at 202 Townsend St. after knocking down the flames into early Sunday morning.

Roger Kempton, the property owner, went out to the scene when he heard about the fire to make sure his tenants were OK.

Firefighters were calling the American Red Cross to provide the family shelter for the night.

Kempton said the tenants had lived in the home at the intersection of Townsend and Ging streets for two years.

"It's an older house," he said. "We noticed how dry it was when we put in all new windows and a new door in the back. It's destroyed now."

The furnace in the home was new, but was built into the wall, he said.

While Kempton has insurance on the property, he was unsure if the tenants carried renters insurance.

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Kottage Kat

Destroy perhaps


OMG....I am glad they were not hurt and hope they did carry renter's insurance. Most people who rent don't. Thank God they did not die in that fire. I wonder, since he noticed how "dry" it was, what the owner intended to do about that problem? A simple humdifier within the house would have helped somewhat.


Thankfully no one was hurt!




That is Mrs. Green's old house. It is probably so dry because she kept the heat set to about 105 degrees. This is also the house where the gentleman was beaten with a lead pipe by the group of 15 year old boys. The house across the street had a fire a few months ago.


The important thing is that no one was hurt!