Simko murder evidence delivered to prosecutor

It’s been more than three years, but Vermilion police on Monday finally delivered the last piece of the Simko murder case file to the Lorain County prosecutor.
Emil Whitis
Feb 1, 2013


Vermilion police Chief Chris Hartung said Lorain County prosecutor Dennis Will now has every shred of evidence police collected during their epic investigation. That includes a summary of what officers think happened, based on the evidence.

Hartung said the prosecutor’s office has been involved since day one, so they’re pretty much “up to speed.”

“We should have an answer relatively quickly,” Hartung said.  

Jeremy Simko, 36, was shot to death Nov. 18, 2009 inside his North Ridge Road home. At about 6 a.m. that morning his wife, Julene Simko, called 911 and told dispatchers someone had shot her husband.

Police found Jeremy dead in his bed with a single gunshot wound to the head. It was quickly ruled a homicide.

Within weeks, Julene, who told police that Jeremy was shot by intruders, hired an attorney. She has since refused to talk to investigators.



ok.....I don't remember this so thank you for putting all the details there SR! Great reporting! WTF! Guess I will guess go to the Morning Journal!


Hey perpetrator of this crime it's time to pay the piper. *cough*Julene*cough*


Let's see if you are right Sherlock.


Wow, talk about a hush-hush investigation. This may be right out of Agatha Christie!




Actually, the Register has been reporting on this all along. Since the case was still active very few details were released to the press. Hopefully, all the hours the cops put into this case will be worthwhile to arrest and convict the person who did this.