Erie County health officials: Perkins High students safe

Fear not, Perkins parents — your high school children are safe.
Tom Jackson
Jan 31, 2013

Erie County Health Department officials said as much this week, after calls from worried parents prompted health inspectors to take a closer look at Perkins High School.

The health department released a report on its findings at a meeting Tuesday, after inspecting the high school Monday. The report appears to contradict an Ohio School Facilities Commission document, which Perkins Schools administrators released last week, that says Perkins High is a "serious health and safety hazard."

"From our assessment, from what we could ascertain during our two hours at the school, everything we saw led me to believe it was a reasonably safe environment," said Bob England, the county's environmental health director. "There were no outstanding issues that we saw."

For more on this story, pick up a copy of Thursday's Register. Read the health departments assessment in the PDF below.



Common sense rules over the overzealous board and superintendent. You have been caught publicly perpetuating a lie to promote your agenda.

This is the third time you have used this unethical group to promote a expense the community has deemed unnecessary.

Game over.

Licorice Schtick

The Ohio School Facilities Commission has laid waste to school districts throughout Ohio, leaving them saddled with debt plus increased costs. They wanted Sandusky to drop ffffforty....mmmillion...dollars to tear down schools and build new ones. They said to tear down Campbell School in part because the site's too small...and build a new school on the same site???!!! Fortunately, Sandusky voters didn't fall for it.


Now what are you going to do Gunner? Take you and your pathetic lies back where you came from.


So scaring the the taxpayers didn't work . . . . whatcu gonna do?


Ha ha ha, you lost that one Gunner! Better come up with a different story if you expect anyone to vote for your levy in Perkins! You just lied to the whole Perkins Township in order to take money from them at a time when money is tight! How can you show your face in front of them again after trying that? That was just wrong, and you should be brought up on charges now for conspiracy and also inducing panic!!


Sounds to me like someone needs to get canned! We also need an honest BOE.


I'm currious, do donutshopguy, Perkins2060, badboy, or Cowboy currently have children in the Perkins High School? Will they soon or ever in the future? I bet not.
I just bet, that the first time something were to happen, they would screaming why didn't you do something about when you knew.


You lose the bet. Pay me.






This is why we don't have levies for the federal/state government...if we did, the state and country would be crumbling around us because people would vote no all the time. If you want your community to have no services, ancient schools, and declining property values, then by all means vote no on the school and township levies. Pretty soon people will relocate to Sandusky for better schools and safer streets!


The Feds print money. The states levy taxes. The status of the country is certainly subjective, however still the best place to live. Most property values have been declining for a number of years. However if the "emergency" levy passes, the school district will STILL receive $2.15 per year even if your propery value drops to zero. Perhaps an argument for regionalization.


TRIBESTER, if you go back a read some of the post from the first story the SR did on this, you will see that alot of us do agree things at the school do need repaired or even tore down and rebuilt. BUT this BOE and Gunner have lost all trust in the eyes of alot of voters. I for one live in the twp. work in the twp. have kids in the schools and I will be voting no just due to the fact I do not trust these peaple with more money. They built the football field knowing full well the school building needed work. They spent over $100,000.00 to move the BOE into the school. Thing are done backwards.



Since you can't spell curious, I'm guessing you didn't graduate from the Perkins School system.


donutshopguy....I have asked this for the third time now. Do you or do you NOT live in Perkins or Sandusky? When the Sandusky school levy came up for vote, you encourage everyone to vote NO on that one and it passed. Now you are voting for the same thing in Perkins. Just which distict is it in which you live? I am curious as you seem to move just when a district is up for vote. So which district do you live in?????

Tell it how it is.

The Donut guy probably lives here but there is no way his kids went through the system. My guess is that either his kids went to SMCC, Huron, or Norwalk or something like that. I am sure he does not have kids or a job now because he posts all of the time on here during the day and at night. He can't possibly have any kids right now or maybe ever due to his blogging diligence. So we are probably dealing with a middle aged male who's kids have already grown up. He gets excited by making people mad about his skewed views and hatred for politics and government in general. The questions that go to him become unanswered because he thrives on anonymity. Pretty much like everybody else on here.

And If the donut guy hates government than he obviously trusts the Erie Co Health Department. (makes sense) I mean if they can clear Ryans to be a safe restaurant I guess you could eat off of the floor of the High School.


RYANS????? OMG>>>>>roflmao yuk


While I might not have kids, it really does not matter! I live in Perkins Township and I pay taxes! As far as I am concerned, Gunner should be brought up on conspiracy charges along with the BOE for allowing this attempt of extortion of the taxpayers of Perkins Township! Here you go Murray, take this one on!


I hate ANYONE or ANYTHING that uses extortion, exaggeration or plain disception to try and make people think that something is wrong, or may happen. You should live in Sandusky right now. Same thing is going on over here by our own City Council. We have people over here lying about our City Manager like mad for their own divises. Makes me sick.

Just Thinkin

When are the BOE and Gunner being charged with inducing panic, and when are the taxpayer's of Perkins going to stop this Board and Gunner from all the lies. Perkins taxpayer's need to demand the BOE and Gunner be removed from office and thier job for Perkins School system today!, Perkins PD or the County PD should have already arrested them, If it was a Taxpayer inducing panic like this, they already would have been arrested, Cowboy Your spot on ! The BOE needs a group of taxpayer's to oversee them ! VOTE NO till these people are out of the picture, Unless we have double standards ? To tribester, That would be awesome, Then Perkins could resume it's charm that brought everyone here, BYE BYE VOTE NO !

Peachy Keen

I'm torn by all this. My kids graduated from PHS over a decade ago. The school was old, dumpy and had issues then, as now. I'm totally in favor of a new high school. Our current high school is an embarrassment to the community. Having said that, I don't like to be lied to and I think Gunner and the BOE's scare tactics are despicable! We need a superintendent who lives in Perkins Township, is invested in the community, and is honest and upfront with the taxpayers. Gunner and the BOE's underhanded manipulation of funds has caused many in Perkins Township to lose trust! Sure, they have BOE meetings that are open to the public and they are willing to answer questions, but you get the feeling they are going to do what they want despite public opinion or concerns! Gunner immediately started out here on the wrong foot...saying he and his family would be moving here and then going to interview at Oregon Schools just a week or 2 after he was hired by Perkins! He lost trust right from the start, and the tactics he uses just heighten the mistrust. However, I will not be voting no on the levy to SPITE Gunner, but will vote yes DESPITE Gunner, because I believe we need a new PHS facility for our fine students, and it won't get any cheaper to do the longer it is put off. I will save my NO votes for when the current school board members are up for re-election, and hope a new school board will let Mr. Gunner go and get us someone trustworthy and aboveboard. Someone like a Max Shoff or Ralph Roshong...I sure do miss having a superintendent like they were!


Excellent post!


This is how I see the Perkins situation. The new school will be built, but there will be no money for maintenance. So levies will be put up, with the threat that if they don't pass then they will have to cut busing, sports, etc. So they will get the new building, and the taxpayers will be blackmailed into maintaining it.


JUANNBI, I agree fully, they will built with out our support, then tell us its our fault they cannt run it becouse we didnt say yes to the levey. THEY ARE BULLY,S them selfs.


That ship is sailed. I want to see them tell Firelands and Kasper thankyou for your money but we are stoping all sports.

Azure Ray

Going from what the "highly credible" Sandusky Register reports, this does shed a bad light on the levy movement. It's easy to blame the BOE or superintendent and say that they are using scare tactics and lying to the community. The real problem, though, is school funding in general. It shouldn't be up to the community to support public schools.


Perkins Schools caught in more lies! Hey, isn't it about time to start crying for a new football stadium again? The last one is a year old, after all. There might be a chip in the paint somewhere! LOL VOTE NO!


I'm not sure why everyone is discounting three inspections based on the Health Department deeming the school "reasonably safe." The only issue they would really deal with would be the sewage. The school is a disaster and I'll trust the Perkins firefighter who told me the school is a "nightmare" from a fire standpoint. I don't like Gunner, but to dismiss this levy based on that is insane. Everyone is feeling the pinch, but the board has actually done a very good job with school funds if you check out the reports and do some research. Huge State funding cuts have been the biggest problem for the district, not the Board and Gunner.


Yeah, I would hate to see that concrete block and brick building catch fire!


Really? You don't think there's flammable material in the high school? Those concrete ceiling tiles are impressive! There would never be a problem of course with smoke or evacuation? You really need to tell the SDF to quite responding to fire calls downtown since nothing can burn. Should probably tell PFD to ignore the Mall too while we're at it.