Assault suspect goes on tirade against Sandusky police

The drunken cousin of a convicted cop-killer badgered police as they arrested him Monday night, calling for someone to “put them all in the dirt,” according to a Sandusky police report.
Emil Whitis
Jan 30, 2013

Vincent Randleman, 46, was charged with felonious assault, aggravated menacing, carrying concealed weapons and persistent disorderly conduct.

Police heard yelling at about 9 p.m. while stopped at a traffic light on Cleveland Road. When they looked over, they spotted a large group of people gathered in the 1800 block of Remington Avenue.

Police drove over and the crowd dispersed.

From an apartment doorway a man, later identified as Randleman, yelled at a group of men nearby.

Randleman told police someone named “Gary” stole from him and a fight ensued.

While talking with police Randleman cursed and kept yelling “these (expletive)ing (racial slur)s,” a police report said.

When he refused to calm down police arrested him. Randleman exploded.

“They should put two more of you in the ground,” he yelled at police according to a report. “Hey Sam, put another one in the grave … they gonna find another one in the dirt when it’s all said and done, put them all in the dirt.”

Randleman continued.

“That’s why Kevin did what he did, (expletive) them, dirty job someone got to do it,” he said according to a report.

After police took Randleman to the Erie County jail, other officers talked with a witness. The witness, who didn’t want to be identified, said Randleman pulled a knife on a younger man during an argument.  

Officers knocked on an apartment door where Randleman had told them “Gary” lived.

There, a man, identified as Darnell Chambers, 27, told police Randleman pulled a knife on him during an argument so he punched Randleman in the face.

Police took Chambers to jail on a Cuyahoga County bench warrant.

Randleman was being held at the Erie County jail on a $27,352 bond late Tuesday.


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The Hero Zone

I promise there are those here in Sandusky that not just want to provide the community a fun, safe, and pride-inducing place to live, but actually work every day toward that goal. We're out there so hopefully we can make your three years with us worth every day and dollar you spend.


Maybe I came off as too negative. I should've started out by saying that I've been here since June and I really have enjoyed it for the most part. I think its a beautiful town with a rich, interesting history....and that's why I want to stay! But all the shootings, murders, robberies, arrests etc's enough to scare people away. If you can eliminate scum like this guy, young professionals will gravitate toward this town...a lot of pieces are already in place, just have to pick up the trash. To the nice, hard working, responsible people on here, thank you for the hospitality you've shown thus far.

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The Hero Zone

They are legitimate concerns for sure. If you'd like a heads up on the area feel free to stop in the store sometime or even compare opinions at places like Mona Pizza (for one example of many) downtown. The gravitation of young professionals like you said is a key concern but so is the retention of people such as yourself that have come here.


I can't help but consider the outrage there would be if it was a white guy calling black officers racial names.

Why is it Sandusky police officers are treated like such crap? Huron and Norwalk police aren't treated with such disrespect.


It appears that crime has risen since former Sandusky PD chief Nuesse left. Didn't she take a proactive approach to crime and made a number of arrests only to be criticized by the county prosecutor and county sheriff?
"In cross examinations, the city's attorney, Sue Porter, pointed to a warrant sweep executed by the Sandusky Police Department, Perkins Police Department and the U.S. Marshals as evidence that Nuesse didn't cooperate with local officials.

She said neither of the chiefs, nor the U.S. Marshals, told Baxter or Erie County Sheriff Terry Lyons they were making the arrests. Consequently, Lyons' didn't have enough room for all the criminals."

Not enough room? Does the county prosecutor need a heads up every time before the police arrest anybody? There seems to be lots of room in jail for political activists and non-violent people who commit victimless crimes. Does the Sandusky Register have a list of all those who were arrested during the warrant sweep? Were any of the criminals released? If so, did any of them harm or kill any person months or years after their release?

Julie R.



Well said Centauri.


Centauri you are correct!


Hey Stateallthe, that's why I have lived in the country. Many have watched Sandusky & surrounding areas decline (standards, morals,etc) It is sickening.


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