Huron to remove traffic lights

Huron officials have green-lighted plans to remove one traffic signal and possibly two others in the near future.
Andy Ouriel
Jan 30, 2013


A recently completed traffic study shows there’s no need for traffic devices at three intersections with low-traffic counts:
• Berlin Road and U.S. 6
• Center Street and U.S. 6.
• Cleveland Road West and Ohio Street.

At some point years ago, the lights were vital in controlling Cedar Point traffic traveling into Huron on U.S. 6 or Cleveland Road.

“Before the (Ohio 2) bypass was put into place, Cedar Point traffic through the summer was rooted directly through the community,” Huron city manager Andy White said.

“You couldn’t move in Huron. Traffic was backed up from Ohio 61 all the way to the Chaussee.”

After construction crews built the bypass about 20 years ago, most motorists opted to cruise on a faster-paced highway rather than drive in stop-and-go traffic throughout Huron.

For more on the traffic study, pick up a copy of Wednesday's Register and read the PDF below.



It would be idiotic to remove the light at Cleveland Rd. W and Ohio St...McCormick Jr high is right down the street, so you have kids crossing Cleveland Rd walking to and from school, not to mention all the traffic at the end of the school day from kids being picked up. While there may not be much traffic during other time periods, the fact that a school is there should make this a no-brainer.


The company recommended removing the lights, but most of the recommendations also included replacing them with stop signs. So it will probably still be a good situation. It is confusing to some people when the lights are sometimes working and other times they are not. I have seen people go through the light on Ohio St when they are supposed to stop.


I wonder how the new gas station at Berlin Road and U.S. 6 will affect traffic.

Good 2 B Me

Is that what they are building next to the Shell Station?

yea right

It took 23 yrs for this survey? Really? I agree bout kids crossing but do it during school hrs.


I do not agree with the removal of the light at Ohio & Cle Rd. because of the location of the middle school. I believe the town should reconsider that decision.


a senior center is being constructed next to the gas station.

agree ohio street needs to keep that light. center street/route 6 can go, berlin road light needs to stay as well.


They are building a larger gas station as well.

Phil Packer

I think they will be sorry during Riverfest. But that will give the cops a chance for some overtime directing traffic.

old dog

I agree with folks on leaving the Center lights as they are. What a mess that is going to be with all of the school traffic and the busses.
The same goes for Berlin Rd. light. Leave it alone.
If nothing else, consider a light at River Rd. & Rt.6, for the traffic from Azkol Nobel plant and the boat launch entrance.


If you read the PDF, I believe the company recommended a light be added at the end of River Road. Hopefully they do it. Its a pain to make left turns there.


The light at Cleveland Road and Ohio Street was put up, years ago, due to a young child being killed at that intersection. Recently, one resident complained because they had to stop for the light when it's late at night, thus the traffic study. It should be left there and put on a timer for the school hours and flashing for the rest of the time, along with advance warning signs to indicate that difference. Compare it to the no right turn on red at St. Peter's school during the restricted hours. Shame on the individual who was inconvenienced for one minute and failed their consideration for the children's safety test.

The traffic light at Center Street and Route 6 is not necessary because the amount of traffic is not as congested as it used to be before the by-pass around town. When the power fails and temporary stop signs are put in place the traffic flows very smoothly. The real traffic hazard at that intersection is the running of the stop-sign on JC Boulevard after school.

The parking in the five-hundred block of Center Street should be put back because it was a natural deterent to speeding drivers racing for the light which is now a race-track.

The installation of a traffic light at River Road could be with a pressure-sensitive, activation control to change, as needed, for those coming off River Road.

The installation of a round-about/turning circle at Berlin Road is going to make it possible for drivers to turn left safely because it forces drivers to go behind each other, not in front, to make their turn. It's the way left turns are supposed to be made in the first place, but has fallen by the way-side.

They should also put stop signs, not yields, on the spaces between the east and west-bound lanes on Williams Street, as well as Center when they remove the lights. Huron Street has stop signs and they should all be uniform in that space.

Lastly, signs or not, it's the driver's responsibility to make safe driving-decisions and not be in such a rush to die because you don't give a thought to the other people sharing the space.

2cents's picture

Hmm! It used to be flashing only after school hours when I lived in town?

As for the parents picking up kids, I find this odd and a huge traffic mess. My kid was always picked up, I wanted her to ride the bus and I always thought it a good experience but her mom insisted no. It is not only Huron but all over so when you build a new school Perkins you better plan QueLines, six deep side by side should work allow for fifty cars & mini vans.


Reading, the child that died many years ago was at Huron St. and Cleveland Rd. E, not at Ohio St. and Cleveland Rd. W. And that light is just a flashing light during non-school hours. It can be frustrating because when there are things going on at night at McCormick, traffic can be crazy because the light is just a flashing one.
God forbid people pay attention while driving. Geesh!


Informed, are you referring to the bicyclist who was killed in the crosswalk? I mentioned the child at Ohio and Cleveland because the elderly person who told me about it couldn't remember the child's name. Regardless, common sense would indicate that the city government leave the traffic lights as they are now when near the schools.

I would like to know the individual's name who does these traffic studies and what they are paid? For all we know the info could be made up just to get their way!


I wonder if they will put a new stop light at the state boat ramp?