Perkins Township axes seven employees

Perkins Township trustees voted Monday night to cut seven people from their employment roster.
Andy Ouriel
Jan 28, 2013

Four full-time police officers and three full-time highway workers will be laid off as of Feb. 9.*

Trustees unanimously made the decision at a special meeting at 6 p.m. Monday. The township faces a financial crisis resulting from decreases in property values and local government funding and a failed November tax levy.

Officials hope these cuts and a second try at the levy in May will pull the township out of its financial tailspin.

*An early version of this story had an incorrect effective date for the layoffs.

For more on this developing story, pick up a copy of Tuesday's Register.



Let's build another Township Hall!

God Of Thunder

Par for the course.. And so it begins.. The blackmailing of the taxpayers..


I'd like to know whose property values decreased in Perkins because I'm moving there!


I'd like to know whose did too since mine went up.


So did mine!


Cowboy - Mine did by 17%.


Maybe less careless spending might help........a new township building that was not needed!


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Dont Worry Be Happy

People do not do their homework to know what's going on. I understand we all make mistakes but to punish the PPD and the safety of our community over a building that is paid for is not right. Government cuts and lower property taxes are causing this with the help of a few elected officials not doing their jobs. My property value went down huge this year I was in awe.


My property value went up. Let's build more buildings.


"My property value went down huge this year I was in awe."

Then do the right thing and pay your fair share. I have seen many property values go down in Erie County, Ohio. Some values went down over 30 percent. Others went up over 30 percent. Somebody has connections with the powers that be. I have already checked quite a few properties in Erie County, Ohio that have very artificially low property values. The problem with township funds could be with the Erie County Auditor and low property valuations for those in the "in crowd" of the powers that be.


My house value went down, taxes went up! Who do I call to complain
about it?


Thank your boy in Columbus, you know, the job creator.


I expected that my comments would be deleted. The simpletons don't like it when they are put into the spot light.

The former township police chief is protected by the powers that be.

Am I right SR moderators?

real talk

Notice they cut full time people nt part time. This was so they wouldn't have to pay benefits.


Do we still pay them when they are laid off?


It would have served you well to go to tonight's meeting. You all would have a better idea of the situation and would have more informed comments.


Informed voters? Ha! Looked at what we just elected President for another four years! Informed voters?


Now I get it. This comment explains an awful lot for me regarding where you are coming from when you comment on here.


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You can always tell the ones who try to educate themselfs the ones who are just to lazy to. Sounds like a few dont even live in the township but still want to complane about it.

Dont Worry Be Happy

I'm thinking the same thing!


Oh and doesn't the goodie two shoes from Perkins always have something to say about Sandusky's problems? "That is why I moved out of there" "They get what the deserve" "Look at who they vote into office". Yep, ya'll out there in Perkins sure pick some good representatives too


sure did. new twp hall bought and paid for, low crime, no murders, need I go on?

local man

Lets See! Vote for basic services in the spring or vote for a new school building, oops school building gets voted down again.


Wow, Is all I can say. Look around~we don't need any police officers anyway, right? It's always the people that are NEEDED that get the axe.



What would you suggest cutting? The township is a service industry. Service industries are people. Bet 80% of the township budget is made up of wages and benefits. The fire department passed its own levy so they not on the cut list. Not much left in the township but roads and police.

You have only two options. Pay more taxes or have less services.

But, on the brighter side, we have a bright shiny new building to house less people.


Loss of decent paying jobs = loss of revenue/tax base. Many scoffed years ago...time to pay now. Not very funny.


Perkins cops make about half of what Sandusky and the county make. They really aren't highly paid.


Where are the townships priorities?