Sandusky schools hosts forum on building 'better district'

Have a burning question? Sandusky Schools superintendent Eugene Sanders is confident he has the answers.
Alissa Widman Neese
Jan 29, 2013


Sanders and a group of parent activists will host an open forum 6 p.m. Thursday at Sandusky High School to “discuss how to become a better district.”

He plans to host at least two forums a year to receive feedback and set goals. Anyone can attend, and no question is off limits, Sanders said.

“A good, effective district wants to be out in the public, accessible and transparent,” he said. “It’s important to discuss how we can be a viable partner in the growth and development of the city.”

A Sandusky native, Sanders said connecting with the local community is a top priority during his first year as superintendent. He signed a five-year contract with the district Jan. 14. It begins Aug. 1 with an annual salary of $158,000.

He previously served as CEO of the Cleveland Metropolitan School District, where he worked from 2006-11, and he was superintendent of Toledo Public Schools from 2000-06.


Want to go?
What: Community forum
Where: Sandusky High School, room 300
When: 6-7 p.m. Thursday
Who: Anyone can attend



The school system had a serious "white" flight to a neighboring school system through open enrollment. What was the reason for this exodus? I believe its about an attitude.

I moved my family many years ago to a new district for one reason only, education. I wanted my children in an environment where the students didn't ask each other if they were going to college but where were they going to college. It doesn't sound like much but 12 years of a different philosophy makes a difference.

Clark W

Has anyone noticed that Dr. Sanders salary is substantially higher than other area superintendents? Not just by a few thousand, but by at least $25,000.
Doesn't this bother anyone?
What did he do to warrant this type of salary?
Plus, he's double dipping.


I'll bet you the amount of our next property tax increase that the "answer" to every problem is going to involve throwing more money at it...


Where did the story go about the laid off police & highway workers in Perkins?

Sarah Weber

Sorry, we had a technical glitch this morning and it disappeared for an hour or two. It's back to normal now:


White Flight... That's funny. Anyone have a count of how many of the black athletes in Perkins are from Sandusky? By the way the same school system that can't seem to maintain their facilities to hold all the white flighters!



I'm using the whole population of students that left the fair city of Sandusky. Pretty normal comment from athletes are all that are important. I'll take the kids who go to college and make a good living over those special athletes in high school. It's just a matter of priorities in life. Your comments are part of the reason those kids were moved.


Mr. Sanders,

Your schools are full of the next Lebron James. There's only one problem. It's not going to happen. Thousands of kids and their parents will put sports in front of education and will fill the unemployment lines. Good luck with your chances to change that mindset.




Donut... do everyone a favor and attend the next winter sports banquet at SHS and pay attention when they call all the scholar athletes up to be recognized for their achievements. Then maybe then you will change your opinion about athletics being just about playing a game. Many of these same bright kids will also be on stage at the Honors assembly too. You see athletics is much more about developing your people skills than a win or loss.



Since academics and sports are top notch in Sandusky School system why was there an exodus of over 400 children to a neighboring school system? These 400 children's parents must drive them to school every day. That's a heck of a commitment. There must be a important reason.

Please enlighten us. Mr. Sanders is also interested.


Let me re-phrase and dance around the facts as to not offend the SR Staff. Put another levy on the ballot to pay the high salary and let the non property owners who don't pay taxes vote yes and make the few property owners that actually live in Sandusky vote no and still pay for it.

That more politically correct for you SR?


At least a levy goes on a ballot in Sandusky, not just shoved down your throat like they do in Perkins!

Donut - Many of those went to the Townsend "school" where you don't even have to show up for a class and you get a piece of paper at the end that is worthless. Even the military doesn't except that "diploma". I would invite you to contact any of the building principals in SCS for a tour to see what is actually going on. You might be surprised that what you see doesn't match what you hear.