JUST IN: Bellevue superintendent cleared of sexual harassment allegations

BELLEVUE Bellevue Schools board members were wrong to terminate William "Bud' Martin&rsq
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010


Bellevue Schools board members were wrong to terminate William “Bud” Martin’s contract, a report released Friday states.

Though he made crass remarks, Martin, the embattled superintendent, never sexually harassed employees and never created a hostile work environment, the report concluded.

Martin said the whole thing was a "blind-sighted affair" and that he performed his job well and knew he had not done anything wrong.

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Big surprise, ain't it?


Not sure if the findings are correct or not, but the schools and the community have both moved on. Levies were passed and pride was restored in the community. Anyone who ever dealt with "Bud" knows the condescending holier than thou attitude he has. The town, schools, and faculty and staff are better off without him. Not sure anyone will hire him again- not sure why they would. We are on the right track with the leadership we have in place now- His arrogance was proclaimed when he directly called the Gazette and I'm assuming the Register last night to gloat that he was innocent even before the findings were released. I do believe the school board needs to fight the judgment but if not, heck, we are all better off just paying the jerk to leave the area and never hear from him again!

Bellevue Dad

I don't believe it for one minute. The community is much better off without "Bud" and the schools are finally calm. Bud was a miserable leader who pushed people around and acted like a dictator. I hope that the school board fights this decision. Thank God we have Kim running things now and are on our way to restoring the school system we had before this dictator arrived and attempted to destroy us.

Most Wanted

IF these findings are correct Bellevue schools are in for a lawsuit. IF these findings are correct and your school and community are better off without "Bud" you picked the wrong way to get rid of him. Charging sexual harrassment is not the way to get rid of someone. Ruining a persons reputation is not the way to get rid of someone.


I, as a woman, am still astounded that grown women would pirouette in front of him & his friend , unless, of course, all of them were in cahoots, in order TO get rid of him. IF- that was the case, good move ladies.

disgusted mother

Finally lets put this to rest and put the focus back on the students and what they are going through. The schools are far from "calm". They are a joke. What I want to know is what happened to all the other employees at the board who "played along" with all the games.

disgusted mother

Why do they still have jobs

Ned Mandingo

I guess shady lawyers can accomplish anything. what about the fact that he admitted he lied on expense reports and his "meetings" in sandusky. This guy is a complete scumbag. He felt he was better than people in Bellevue and now this con artist will milk us for a few years free pay. He is arogant enough to think the levy passed because of his haard work. let me tell you the levy passed because we now have good leadership who people trust. Let me give you some advice "bud" don't ever show you face in bellevue again. You might get you hillbillie teeth punched in.

Freedom Writer

Bellevue Schools: where sports alumni come back to be sub-mediocre teachers and administrators(or special ed teachers) What do you expect from a school system that builds fieldhouses and weight rooms instead of Science wings or Engineering wings. The new superintendant was gonna be the wife of the Athletic Director. Bellevue is an educational joke. If your kids show any promise of higher education PLEASE don't send them to Bellevue, they don't want any of those nerd types. Big kids is what they want


The only mistake here was to sign him to a 3 year contract to begin with.

Good luck on your future endeavors, Bud. You've obviously learned no humility at all in this process, and the same character flaws that got you into this mess will surface in your next job sooner or later.

indolent indiff...

Cangrats Mr. Martin, now sue them for doing this to your career and lets have a party with dancing girls!


It doesn't matter if you all did NOT like him
Demonize your ememy
Try and distroy him..
can anyone say BACKFIRE

Other example of anyone can say anything. and destroy another

Ned Mandingo

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Wow. I called this outcome out from miles away six months ago....hate to say "I told you so" Mr Mandingo.

A child would have arrived at the same conclusion.

OF COURSE this would be the conclusion at the end of the day. Now the question is this: how will taxpayers address the cronyism and wholesale fleecing of resources given to those who have STOLEN their jobs through false accusation? Not only are the methods used to oust Mr. Martin highly unethical, but they are systemic in Bellevue's school system apparently.
Fall out of favor with a few and you may just be out of a job, or worse out of a lifelong career.

"new superintendant was gonna be the wife of the Athletic Director."

Is this true? God bless America?!

I hope Mr. Martin sues these fools right back into the stone ages from whence they came.


"Fall out of favor with a few and you may just be out of a job, or worse out of a lifelong career."

Wow, that pretty much describes every job in the free world.

No matter what rules, regulations, or union rules exist, every single person who was ever fired from a job lost it because at some point someone else in the company lost faith in them to do the job well.

Or to put it another way--you don't have to make a lot of enemies. Just the right ones.

Bud had both.

Ned Mandingo

This ruleing doesn't change the fact that he said the creepy things he said. This doesn't change the fact he lied on expense reports, stealing for the school system. Or that he lied about meetings with people who testified they have never met him. If he files a lawsuit it could take years to do to court. This doesn't mean a jury will rule in favor of him, he could get nothing.


Stand tough Bellevue. The community must stand together against this blow.

And is it true that Shumaker School will be closing next year because of it's unsafe for the kids? With 2 more years before the first shovel of dirt is tossed for the new school to be built, and two schools currently closed (Ellis/Lyme) where will these kids go?

Just remember, it's not over until the marionette stings of the 'Howdy Doody doll' are severed forever.


Freedom Writer- please stay out of our town, don't drive through it, don't think about it or read about it!

No school system ever uses booster money to build academic wings, hence the name ATHLETIC BOOSTERS. Apparently you know very little about our system or the pride we have in our community, schools, and athletic programs. Kind of sounds like sour grapes pouring out you- perhaps we kicked you tail one time or another in sports!

The Good-Bad-Ugly

I’m still amazed at how none of you do not seem to blame the school board members for yet another mess involving the Bellevue Schools. They ALL are solely responsible for this mess by failing to use common sense and not hire Scruci or Schubert (Not a fan of hers, has no kids and claims to know what’s best for them) instead of Mr. Martin in the first place. Then they ALL add to it by hiring Hykes. How dumb are you people ? The problem with the School Board members are that some of them lack pure common sense and 1 has a personal agenda to keep her entire family employed and protected. Now I understand she even has her grand- daughter in-law beside her, smart move Bellevue. This Martin mess will cost the district and taxpayers dearly to get rid of him.
And for “Redmenproud” you must be one of the drunken fools with the Gridiron foundation that couldn’t move on after High School. Most of you people are drunks that walk around with your noses in the air thinking your somebody but you have more skeletons in the closet then anyone else.



No, not in the least. Not part of the Foundation at all just very involved in the town and schools through my children. While I do agree with you about not hiring Mr. Scruci or Mrs. Schubert earlier I stand firm that athletic boosters work solely for one purpose- to advance and contribute to the athletic programs. We have passed the bond issue to provide updates and new science wings etc. I believe that if you personally know any members of the foundation you will see that all moved on after high school but all have taken a vested interest in the community, schools, and students that we are molding in Bellevue. Perhaps you should sit down with the members and find out what they all do for a living and how committed they are. Perhaps you should find a cause to commit yourself to rather than bashing a group whom you only think you know.


Of the littany of charges....each and every one knocked down as completely false and without basis....by an impartial party! Like I said earlier, this speaks to corruption, not any wrong doing on Mr. Martin's part.

Ned Mandingo

good bad ugly, you seem to have some serious issues you need to work on. The people i know in the gridiron don't match your description at all. Maby you have some kind of gealously issue. why don't you organize a group of people and do something for the children instead of insulting people who do.
I must agree with you that the board made a huge mistake hiring this fool. And that some members of the board were there for the wrong reasons. They have been voted out and the last mess to clean up is the issue with this creep they hired. And that is what this article is about.

Ned Mandingo

Corruption? this speaks of a shady lawyer getting him off. He is a complete scumbag who thinks he is better than everyone in bellevue. Now this jerk is going to take the typical path of a leach, sue them. I wish he would go back to whatever hillbillie state he came from before moving to ohio.

The Good-Bad-Ugly

I know the members and their families personally. I know their dirty little secrets but have no desire to open the closet door so don’t preach to me. It would serve no purpose and that is not what the article is about. They support a coach that has some serious issues that need to be dealt with but yet he remains. I wonder why that is? You seem fairly intelligent but you are obviously driving on a cloud and are not very well informed about what goes on behind closed doors in the Bellevue Community.

“Ned Mandingo”
Same goes for you “Ned”! How well do you really think you know someone ? Stop claiming to know everything “Ned”, you haven’t even lived here that long. And I knew it was only a matter of time before someone like you was going to place all the blame on the other 2 board members. The other 3 board members were counting on people like you to do this. “they have been voted out and the last mess to clean up is the issue with this creep they hired”. Give me a break “Ned “get with the program. I believe the vote to hire Mr. Martin was unanimous 5-0 and the same goes for Mr. Hykes. The fact is that the school board is and has been incompetent for quite some time. “Bev” and “Ted” need to go!

Freedom Writer

Bellevue Schools: where overhead projectors are the "newest technology".

Bellevue Schools: where Nepotism still THRIVES.

Bellevue Schools: where the good teachers keep their head down (and shake their heads in disgust.)
I do feel badly for the teachers who are actually qualified to teach and have good teaching ethics, yet are stuck in Bellevue because of the horrible economic conditions.

Bellevue the City: where you only drive through it to get to Norwalk or Clyde



Let me get this straight- you criticize the Foundation because you don't like the people or what they do in their private lives correct? Although they have given the town and athletes something to be very proud of you continue to bash because obviously, you are not fond of one coach. I certainly hope you have proof regarding this "one coach" and are not simply believing rumors that run rampant throughout a small town.

As far as our school board goes I agree that there are some members who are not as qualified as others to make decisions. However, regarding the "granddaughter-in-law" don't you agree that as far as resumes go she was more than qualified to run for and be elected to the board? I, for one, would like a person with some educational experience to make the decisions for us. We run into problems when those with absolutely no experience in the schools make those decisions. And no, the two who just got off don't count- yes they had educational experience, at least one a teacher, but their personal agendas clouded their views and decisions. Yes, the Bud mess will cost us plenty, but did you also read his arrogant comments in the article? We are far better off without him, but obviously you are too busy peaking behind closed doors to understand that.

Ned Mandingo

first off, i have lived here my entire life. Second i refered to the two board members because you were bringing up the past. If you want to go into the past lets go back further. To when the two board members got elected with one thing on their list. Fire the past supertendant. Thats what started this chain of events, rember citizens for change? If it wasn't for those two board members we would never have heard of these two jerks. so, i do blame former board members but you can't change the past.

Freedom Writer

So we've all had some fun torturing the Sports fanatics of Bellevue. But here's the thing the Bellevue people need to remember (or learn for the first time): High School sports is a MEANS to an END, not the End. For the Bellevue people let me translate. High School is for preparing students for college or real life. Sports is but a 'part' of that. It helps build teamwork, responsibility etc. It is NOT for the glory of the coaches. Kids move on to be adults and have real consequences to the education they have received. Bellevue raises money for SPORTS stuff but not EDUCATION stuff. This is putting priorities in the wrong places. ALL the old Bellevue athletes simply can't come back to be teachers so they can coach, it is a matter of putting 10 pounds of crap in a 5 pound box.
Lets hope the next School levy they don't try to outlaw books and make all the secretaries be coaches too. The term dumb jock did not invent itself. God Bless and keep pumping out that overpass.


Freedom Writer,

Obviously you are not a sports fan nor did you ever play competitive athletics during school. Athletics teaches so much more than teamwork and responsibility, however, you would never understand that fact. You would be hard pressed in this entire area to find a coach who is in it for the glory. ALL coaches, boys, girls, football, basketball, track coach for the love of the sport and the ability to teach, mentor and teach kids to win. A good coach brings with him or her the ability to motivate, instill pride and dedication, and push their athletes to a different level. ALL coaches not just Bellevue coaches!

If you have been paying attention at all the citizens of Bellevue just passed a huge bond issue to pay for new schools. Huh, you're right, we never raise money for educational "stuff".

By the way, did you get out your 5 pound box all by yourself?


For the first time in several years there is a real positive atmosphere present in the Bellevue City Schools. We are building new schools, our test scores are among the highest in the area (although we don't have the best resources), and the leadership in place has a vested interest in the community. I have one question. Why is it bad to encourage our children and students to go off to college, get a degree, and then come home to teach and coach? As a father, is it bad that I pray for my children to come back home when they are finished with college? I would be very proud if my children decide to teach/coach in Bellevue.
I am not going to criticize any individuals on this page because that should take place face to face at council and board meetings. I just want to say GO REDMEN!!!!