Perkins officials to discuss levy, layoffs at special meeting

Perkins Township officials are expected to review options for reducing the township's spending at a special meeting Monday.
Sandusky Register Staff
Jan 27, 2013


In addition to discussing a levy expected to be on the ballot in May of this year, township trustees will review possible layoffs of police and road employees.

Residents are encouraged to attend the meeting to better understand the township's financial situation. A work session begins at 5:30 p.m. Monday, Jan. 28, at 1210 E. Bogart Road. The regular meeting will begin at 6 p.m.

For more on meeting and the township's budget, pick up a copy of Monday's Register. 



Yes, let`s build a new township building, then layoff the people who work there. duhhhh


Does anyone have info on the cost and justification for PPD's cars? Luxury SUVs and brand new Chargers each year.

Seriously, does anyone know how that's funded? I vote against their levies because of those...

Dont Worry Be Happy

You should go to the meeting tonight and ask these questions or just call Chief Klamar or any of the trustees that's what I do I can't go to the meetings. They will give you all the info you need. They don't have fancy equipment that was McClung wanting everything he could get his hands on. The present Chief has sold most of that stuff and I'm pretty sure it all went into the general fund. Those cars were cheaping than the ones they were getting from Fosters. They won a couple of them through the dare campaign I think. You really should go ask questions it will help you understand what is going on I have a better understanding of it all now.

God Of Thunder

Trustees sound just as bad as the board of education and Gunner.. "Let's build new things, without the taxpayer's OK, and THEN, let's ask for money to pay for our stupidity."



Well they are just using the same plan that the Perkins school district is using. Build a new building, lay off the workers.


At one time in my 48-year career, I had been elected as an Ohio township clerk position. Of course, Perkins is a little larger --- Like 300 times more roads, and much, much more dollars to care for.

However, these township books and accounts are audited, and, yes, I had made accounting mistakes [which is how I learned] about what state designated funds" can be used" for.

Now, unless Ohio law has changed, the funds "NOW" availablde for the expansion, which you all despise, cannot be used for any other purpose--not for wages, not for retention, etc. -- UNLESS, a judge of the county common pleas court, authorizes it. Hope I'm close to being correct.


So its OK to blow the money on infrastructure and then not have anything left to operate it?


Normal political tap-dancing. More money or layoffs. Let's layoff one of the trustees first.

Dont Worry Be Happy

From my understanding, from asking questions...the old building was sold new building area purchased and started before they found out about loosing their government funding for patrol officers and then TWP property taxes were lowered this year. The building is paid for thank goodness but between the cut in government funding and lower property taxes this is why the layoffs are happening. I for one don't have a problem with paying a few more dollars every month to keep my community safe so come May the PPD will still get my vote, safety comes first now and days.



So a few hundred dollars for a new school wouldn't be a problem either? And a few extra dollars for the metro parks and the health department? It just cost you a few thousand dollars for government health care that you probably can't use. You must have unlimited funds.

For me, enough is enough. Government bureaucrats will continue to take your money until you have nothing left.

Dont Worry Be Happy

I choose to vote for the PD and the schools because I worry about the future of our community and children. These two are our future. We have to look at what's most important and that's what you vote for.



You didn't chose to increase your taxes a couple thousand dollars for a national health care program? Isn't that our future?

Thank god we can still vote at the local level. Bricks and mortar are not our future. The township and the school don't agree.


do you live in Perkins or Sandusky? I am confused? I thought you lived in Sandusky for some reason. Thanks.


The old township building was not big enough and was too inefficient. The hospital invested between $1-2 million in renovations to it. The new township building will be cheaper operate than the old school board building also. The current police chief has done a good job of managing the PPD budget. One of those vehicles that WiredMama wants to get rid of was free. They won it.

How many of those that have posted here will be at the meeting tonight? Go and ask your questions and make your comments to the trustees. See how little of your tax bill actually goes to the township.

Dont Worry Be Happy

Well said....and not to mention when the officer would get a call it was so hard to get in and out of that parking lot people don't pay attention and they started getting into accidents. The old building just was not n the right spot.

Dont Worry Be Happy

Dsg...I just hope you never need help from the police. My biggest fear these days are if criminals know there is less man power on the PD that means crime will rise in our community. I have been self employed all my life and i paid for my own health care I was taught that some things are more important than drinking, smoking, buying an expensive car or house and taking expensive vacations. So the money I saved from those 3 things I can afford my own health care because I choose to be healty and take care of myself.


It's like they are punishing the residents for not voting yes for the Police and Road Maintenance. I know the the Trustees knew about the government funding being cut a couple of years ago and it shows they did not prepare for it they, just assumed the residents were going to approve the Police levy. I have heard that possibly three police officers were being laid off. That is one officer on each shift and that is definately going to hurt man power and will put the residents and officers safety at risk. Let's not forget the female officer who was fired last month. That means four officers being removed from the road. I also heard that all the money made in the Township goes to the County and the County determines how much we get to use to operate. So Perkins Townhip corridor on 250 making all this money we can't get enough money back to operate public safety in the Township. So we have to layoff Police Officers but the County can keep adding and hiring new deputies. So how much of the Township money is allowing Sheriff Sigworth to beef up his department. Do I smell a strategy by the county to confront Perkins about having deputies patrol the Township saving the Township millions and padding the county's pockets. The county is now taking over the dispatching where the Township is saving over a hundred thousand dollars. So where is that money going, it should be going to keep the layoffs from happening. They are operating the Township like a businees and not like public safety. I have so many questions and I will definately be at the meeting and I hope for those who care about the future of the Township turning into the city of sandusky I suggest them to be there also!