Sandusky to build bike path at Lions Park

City officials have finalized plans for a bike path at Lions Park, with the project coming in about $50,000 less than engineers estimated.
Andy Ouriel
Jan 24, 2013


Norwalk-based Newcomer Concrete Services will build a half-mile looping path for about $146,000, down about 25 percent from the originally projected $196,000.

The city previously collected about $216,000 through two different grants, targeted for financing a half-mile trail around the park's perimeter.

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The Bizness

This is a waste of money, no person going out for a bike ride is going to want to ride around a 1/2 mile path....The city should be using the money to invest in bike paths on the streets, or rails to trails programs.

Bike paths should be built primarily for transportation rather than recreation. This city does have a lot of people who commute using bikes, so a bike path network would be a great idea.


Take note of what Clyde, Fremont and Bellevue have put together. A bike path that serves a purpose, not a new way to waste taxpayers money. What a joke this city is, if I could sell my house right now, I would. This place is being run into the ground one sh*tshow at a time!


I agree with you rickross2. The city spends our money on to much stupidsh*t, that on the most part, benefits a very minuet few. And like you, I am moving. Have had enough of the city and the dicks that think the laws do not pertain to them.


Moderators have removed this comment. Isn't it funny that the moderator removes my comment containing the word D*ck because I was refering to our wonderful city officials, but leaves the comment right above mine with the same word. Bastards!!!!!!lol


I was just happy I could write Dick and get passed the filter


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$196,000 for a bike pathway. What are they doing laying golden bricks down?


That's hilarious! A bike path that goes in a circle around a park for that much money. Hopefully they will pave it smoothly so rollerbladers can get some use out of it. I doubt if any serious or leisure bikers will.


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Wonder how much sand they could have bought with that money, for that thing they call a beach.


...and they're touting the fact it's grant money like that means it's FREE! Nope. We all paid for it anyway. And nobody even asked me (or the rest of you taxpayers) if we thought it was a good idea!

1/2 mile bike bath? In a circle? Oh, yeah, GREAT plan. NOT! If it HAD to be used for a park, I agree with jamo. Sand would've been a better idea put to better use. Know what would have been better still? If you and I had that money back in our pockets where it belongs!


Had to comment. A song from my youth:



$146,000 for a half mile bike path??? That's like riding around the parking lot twice? Instead of wasting $146k, how about spending the money on many other projects that could be started....or finished? What a waste!


Could have used some of that to plow and salt your streets. Is Gunner running your city???


Looks to me like every one is in agreement, perhaps they should talk to
"Actual Bikers" before building bike paths. The few bike paths the city has are not connected, in poor condition and are rarely used by bikers. I bike over a 100 miles a week in the summer and hardly ever use the bike paths.

The Bizness

Same here Larry, I some times go around Battery Park but that is just to see the view at the end of the ride. Check out this map I made to see where a bike path could go, and it would be used by Cyclist and Cedar Point employees.


Really?? Wow! That's where a bike path could go. Imagine that!

T. A. Schwanger

Actually Bizness tke map you produced is very similar to the bike/ped path as proposed by the City in 2006 with a number of "node" added in.


They can find this kind of money for recreational purposes but can't seem to find that kind of money to save someones job??


If they want to go around in circles, why can't they take their bikes to Sandusky Speedway.


If I lived in Sandtown, I'd be questioning why and who, just for starters. That's a serious chunk of change for naught.

T. A. Schwanger

According to City records:::The total project costs including construction, engineering, inspection, advertising and miscellaneous costs is $160,397.11. The local public authority project will be funded with Federal Highway Administration funds through the Ohio Department of Transportation and the Erie County Metropolitan Planning Organization for eligible costs in the amount of $116,652.44 with additional funding available in the amount of $43,744.67 from community development block grant funds.

Fortunately there are no City General Funds being used. However, the money would have been better spent at Lion's Park on shoreline cleanup/nurishment and paving of the drives and parking lots.


That still doesn't answer the question why it's being built and who wants it, T.A.S.


If you go to the city of Sandusky website and scroll to the bottom of the page, there is a link there that takes you to the Lions Park Master Plan. Open it and read it. You'll learn why it's being built and who wants it.

T. A. Schwanger


The idea of an improved Lion's Park was originally the brain-child of former Commissioner Mike Kresser (recently deceased) and former City Manager Mike Will. Former City Commissioner Dave Waddington kept the topic alive.

If you are familiar with Lion's Park, you may agree it was in need of upgrades including restrooms, basketball courts, etc.

Personally, I would have liked to see the City follow through on an ice-rink made out of the new space aged plastic communities are now using--very low maint. expences, a clear shoreline and paved parking and drive rather than an expensive pathway.


The only things going on, on these bike paths, will be drunks, drug deals, fights, stabbings, ahhhhhh sounds like a GREAT place to ride your bike, when I thik of what this bike path will look like, why do I picture an alley in downtown Iraq??? Guess im just one of those realists.....


May be a nice walking track. Like the big one at Osborne Park.