Ohio city collects from herbicide lawsuit

Officials in a western Ohio city are collecting about $227,000 as part of a class-action lawsuit against the manufacturer of a herbicide that ended up in the municipal water supply.
Associated Press
Jan 24, 2013


Lima and other Ohio municipalities are getting the money is a settlement with Swiss-based Syngenta, the largest manufacturer of the weed killer atrazine.

The Lima News reports that Syngenta was ordered to pay a total of $65 million to 1,100 municipalities for the cost of removing the chemical from drinking water. It ended up in the water supply because of farm runoff.

Columbus' $3.1 million portion of the settlement was largest among the plaintiffs.

Officials say residents were never in any danger because levels of atrazine did not approach the limits set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.




Who gets the money?Is it the gubbment or the people who drank the water?Is this why my pond is so green as well as my lake Erie?Last week we had an article about farmers doing a better job with chemicals are they involved in this suit?Wasn't the head of the EPA an exec from Monsanto?