Resthaven murderer gets life

SANDUSKY The man who admitted to bludgeoning a woman to death and setting her body on fire at the Re
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010



The man who admitted to bludgeoning a woman to death and setting her body on fire at the Resthaven Wildlife Area, was sentenced to life in prison.

Appearing before Erie County Common Pleas Judge Tygh Tone on Friday, Timothy Tyree, 50, pleaded guilty to murder, abuse of a corpse, tampering with evidence and repeat violent offender status. At times, he spoke in a barely audible voice.


My Opinion is...

If you're unhappy with life in prison, check out the story of the guy who hit two bikers and left them for dead - he got only 2 or 3 years

j o r d a n

This is not right, this guy killed and then burned a ladys bodie and he gets to live, The death pentaly should be enforced way more in this country

hancrack me up

Look who the judge was in this case- THAT's why no death penalty. He was probably late for coctail hour down at the Yacht Club.


Great move, This guy will probably live to be 90 sitting in jail and all the time it is nothing bu expense to the tax payers. I say set the chair for extra crispy and save us the money!! Where is the value in sitting in jail for such a terrible crime?


This guy will never see freedom again. If he was given the death sentence,it would cost the taxpayer way more money for appels and stuff. Besides,I believe it is a much worse punishment to spend the rest of his life in prison than being put to death.
And..Taxpayer..I have read a lot of your posts and it sounds like you are a very unhappy and bitter person that likes to blame EVERYTHING on liberals.
I believe there is nothing that would make you happy as you are the most perfect person in this country. Have you been to the doctor for happy pills?? You sure do need some.


I understand how you liberals want a life sentence for everyone. So we PAY for someone to age out in prison and PAY for his health care? It is FREE right? A few of you liberals need to smell a few things you always want to FORCE on others. If he lives to 90, WHO PAYS? Come on crybabies, TELL me! Liberals love to dictate how to spend the money from EVERYONE. There is NO responsibility for anything. In fact, you voted for a president that is spending beyond the ability of this nation. Perfectly acceptable right? I do believe a few of you are already on the "happy pills" placebo. So you liberals HATE to be exposed for what you are? Not to worry. I will help with that. When YOU try to DICTATE to me how to run my life and business, you will definitely find an opposition. I will no longer accept the premise that the liberal and RACIST way is wonderful. "We got to spread the wealth around." Ha! Ha!

Former Resident

Although I sometimes think "an eye for an eye", sometimes prison for life is worse than an easy death. I'm sure he'll get his (and some others) in the end...LOL!!!


"In the south, they execute them and then NEVER have to worry about a "Repeat VIOLENT Offender." what kind of generalist blanket stereotype statement is that? It actually costs you, the "taxpayer" less to keep that evil man alive than to kill him. If he does get let out in 50 years, he'll be 100 years old, I, another taxpayer, hereby grant you "taxpayer", the right to carry out what you , in your infinite conservative, fear-based, clouded-by-anger, bitter wisdom, your own idea of justice.


WHEW....more angry, biased and hateful postings, with multiple words in CAPITAL letters peppered throughout your CONSTANT tirades. It's exhausting to read what you write...I can't imagine the feverish,FRENZIED state you're in when your HAMMERING away at the keyboard. I've TRIED to keep an OPEN mind when I read your posts, but the VENOM you SPEW makes it HARD to take seriously the actual POINTS you're ATTEMPTING to make. Why do YOU so desperately want to PROVOKE others? You seem like a sad, lonely, adult BULLY (words in caps to make it easier for you to understand).


a prison sentance is a joke, i say we roast marshmellows over this creap!!

Duped Again

Taxpayer: These posters are right. Because of the appeals the defendant in a capital case is entitled to make (at taxpayer expense), it is cheaper to warehouse someone than it is to execute. When was the last time anyone from Erie County was executed?
I don't think it's happened in my lifetime. It's not because there haven't been any murders--it's because the costs are prohibitive.


To those who would like to see Tyree executed; I agree that this POS deserves to die, but the fact is that he wasn't eligible for the death penalty. Your beef isn't with the judge and/or the persecutor, but with the law.

Whether a murder is especially heinous or brutal isn't a factor, in deciding whether capital punishment is an option.

You can only get "the needle" for killing more than one victim, or a cop or witness, or for killing someone during certain other felonies like rape, arson, robbery or burglary.

Cheer up; maybe one of his fellow inmates will do the world a favor, and take him out.