Ohio's jobless rate slowly inching downward

Ohio's jobless rate showed slow and steady improvement in December, state officials reported Friday.
Associated Press
Jan 19, 2013

The state's seasonally adjusted unemployment rate for December was 6.7 percent — down slightly from 6.8 percent in November and 6.9 percent in October, the Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services said.

It's the lowest since July 2008, when the rate was 6.6 percent. The rate reached a high of 10.6 percent for several months in 2009 and early 2010.

Officials said the state's economy is improving slowly, and it will take time for a full recovery. Still, Ohio's unemployment rate for December was well below the national average of 7.8 percent, which was unchanged from November. Ohio's unemployment rate has improved from 7.9 percent in December 2011.

The number of unemployed in Ohio has decreased 70,000 in the past 12 months.

The state agency reported 388,000 people out of work last month, down from 391,000 the previous month. Meanwhile, the state's non-farm wage and salary employment decreased 9,400 over the last month, according to the latest business establishment survey by the U.S. Department of Labor, in conjunction with the state agency.

Ohio gained about 1,000 jobs in goods-producing industries in December, and manufacturing added 900. Construction lost 100 jobs, and mining and logging remained unchanged from the previous month. Job losses were seen in service-producing industries.

The agency said Ohio has gained 90,700 non-farm jobs between December 2011 and the end of last month. Service-providing industries added 70,100 jobs over that period.




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Gotta love the far right doom and gloomers. Hope you enjoy your day off Monday! Ha ha ha!


I do not work for the government or the banks, I had to work today so the government can continue to pay those that receive hand outs in lieu of working


@ Cowboy:

Reads like besides your faith in "The Barack" there's no substance.

So other than borrow, tax and spend, what's he done? Other than printing, buying and keeping interest rates low since 2008 what's Mr. Bernanke done?

A paid holiday? Must be a public employee.


@ con

What do you expect Mr. Bernanke to do? Magic or what?


@ 4shizzle:

Mr. Bernanke IS performing "magic." If fact he's "printing" money outa thin air.

Why do you think that the economy is limping along without any fiscal help from Congress and the Prez?


What's really amazing is that they keep touting go back to school... but they don't really say how many jobs will be available after you finish.


and really... going back to school isn't much help if your major is in medieval gothic literature... which i always find it amusing when people go to college for these abstract majors expecting there to be a job in their field... when they do that college pretty much was a waste... there's a growing percentage of college grads that do not find a job in the field of their primary study. which begs to ask the question, why go at all if there's a growing chance that you wont be able to get a job in your chosen field? nursing students end up store managers, agricultural grads end up running logistics for shipping companies... i could go on and on about the people that spent tens of thousands of dollars to study in one field and end up with a career that doesn't come close to relating to their field of study... and yes, those are actual people that i know that i used as examples.

Dr. Information

So kasich is doing a great job then. I'll not play the doom and gloom card. Man up liberals.....Kasich is doing Ohio Great!


Thanks Kasich for doing Ohio justice and getting things back on track. After years of horrible leadership at the top, this was much needed.