Cleveland considers city employee residency rules

The Cleveland City Council is considering a measure to require city workers to live in Ohio and to require safety forces to live within the surrounding counties.
Associated Press
Jan 17, 2013


The Plain Dealer reports the measure was proposed after city audits showed some firefighters lived outside Ohio for months at a time because of overly flexible rules on shift trades. It wouldn't require current employees to move from their homes.

Mayor Frank Jackson has supported the local legislation and said it could help make sure that workers who respond to emergencies are close by.

Part of the measure is similar to a Cincinnati law that was struck down by an appellate court last year. Cleveland administrators say they think the measure would stand up if challenged in court.



Swamp Fox

I am confused in 2009 the Ohio Supreme Court ruled residency laws requiring government employees to reside in the city unconditional and in violation of state law, the case was from the City of Cleveland and the mayor acknowledge the decision and agreed to abide by law. What has changed?

Football Fan 44089

It did say part of the proposal is similar to one in Cincinnati. Without doing any research, I'm guessing down there the requirement to live in Ohio was probably ruled in violation since it would be easy to live in Kentucky or Indiana and still commute to work in Cincinnati unlike Cleveland where it's at least 100 miles (I'm guessing) or so from Cleveland before you get to Pennsylvania so it might be easier to required their employees to live in Ohio. At least that's my best guess as to what part of the ordinance Cleveland thinks is ok.