Downtown Sandusky block watch supports safety, development

A group of downtown residents, employees and business owners have been looking out for each other since 2010 when they started a neighborhood block watch.
Andy Ouriel
Jan 14, 2013


“Most block watches fizzle out due to lack of interest or complacency,” said Erik Anderson, owner of Erik’s Clothing & Culture on West Market Street. “But I think we are building enough synergy down here, between all the new stores and restaurants, that we can actually keep something like this going.”

Block watch members actively coordinate activities with Sandusky police, including officers:
• Informing members how to spot criminal activity.
• Teaching members self-defense tactics to thwart away attackers.
• Scheduling regular foot patrols throughout downtown to create a better relationship between with the community.

For more on how this group came together, pick up a copy of Monday's Register.

Want to participate in the downtown Sandusky block watch? Contact Donna Bretz at 419-271-2325



You will probably have to carry cross bows soon,because only the crooks will have guns !

ladydye_5 way would I walk around downtown Sandusky at night on "foot patrols" unarmed!!!! Do you think this is really going to "thwart" crime?

The Hero Zone's picture
The Hero Zone

I will be looking into participating in this. Being a non-bar location open late at night downtown, we've been able to report bar scuffles and other events. Every pair of eyes helps and we take pride in our area enough to be vigilant. Even when the lights are off there is usually someone here until late-late.

J. Hartman

Good man Mr. Morgan!

The Answer Person

Blah blah blah Ginger!...blah blah blah...

John Harville

Local officers will....
In that list I didn't see anything about extensive background checks; description of 'self-defense tactics'; insurance and liability (shield law) provisions for block-watch members; how to limit activity to 'spotting' criminal activity.
So NOW police will 'schedule regular foot patrols'? What a concept!!
Has Sandusky learned nothing from the awful passing of Andy Dunn?