Burned snack prompts fire response

A scorched late-night snack filled an entire apartment with smoke early Sunday morning.
Andy Ouriel
Jan 13, 2013


But Sandusky firefighters quickly ventilated the home, within the 1200 block of Avondale Street inside the Village Square Apartments, before a fire broke out.

About 20 firefighters and police officers responded to the scene around 12:45 a.m. 
So many emergency personnel arrived on scene because the call originally came in as a working structure fire.
Firefighters, however, immediately fanned out the apartment and removed any threats from those living around the area by 1:15 a.m.
"There was just food on the stove, someone left the burner on and it smoked up the apartment," Sandusky fire Capt. Jim Green said.
All personnel left the scene just before 2 a.m.



Hopifully the cook new what to cook and what to cook with , not mention he learned a cold cook is going to stay with his or food until completed and the stove is turned off and the pan is removed from the burner

God Of Thunder



What ?


Andy Orally, how do you know it was a snack and not a meal? The official statement could go either way. What if the person works second shift and was preparing dinner?


Not a lot of people cook a full meal at 12:45 AM

Pastor Ron

Working 2nd shift? Hardly anybody in the Avondale Apartments can waste their time with a job. Probably cooking meth!


It's obvious that gene44870 was the one cooking whatever.


I agree, God of Thunder. New should have been spelled knew and what the heck is a cold cook?


Probably a typo of "GOOD cook."

Cleaning up the typos and blather, we might get, "A good cook stays with the food until the heat is off it."

That's a nice idea. Good luck making stews and soup stock.

God Of Thunder

Lol. Apparently we need subtitles with gene44870.


I think what he really said was :" Who, what, cook pan whatever behind the mop bucket."

God Of Thunder



Pastor Ron is on the right path. It IS Sandusky you know.