Sandusky schools, Sanders to sign 5-year contract

The Sandusky school board is set to offer interim superintendent Eugene Sanders a five-year contract Monday — one he's "very excited" to accept, he said.
Alissa Widman Neese
Jan 12, 2013


When contacted Friday, Sanders confirmed both sides have reached a tentative agreement.

"The board believes there's a need to conduct some transformational work in the district," he said. "I'm confident I can help lead the board to meet those expectations."

Among those goals:

• Improving technology.

• Enhancing high school test scores and graduation rates.

• Assessing and upgrading district facilities.

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Get ready for the sretah.


yeah, on both sides..

West 99

$320,000 salary like he was paid in his former school district?????


I think he was being paid $127,000 for the one year contract.


Get ready for another operating levy.


Maybe this is what Sandusky needs a person that actually CARES about the community. Everyone complains about outsiders and now we have one of our own coming back yet you still complain. It could be another Gunner who doesn't or has never even lived in San....err Perkins.


Look at what Dr Sanders did in Toledo and Cleveland when he was there. He did a fantastic job.

The Hero Zone's picture
The Hero Zone

If those are his goals, I will be extremely happy to meet with him and help plot out a course to achieve them!

Taxed Enough Already

didn't he leave both of them early because he ran them into the ground, financially?


in toledo he did a pretty good job.. In cleveland it was a disaster. Not sure where you think he did anything but a horrible job up there. And if memory serves me right, and might be wrong on this, but he took a VERY nice bonus/payout when he was let go up there in cleveland.


I dont know how Mr. Gunner was brought into this, but envy of having him instead of Dr. Sanders isnt going to help. Support your schools.


Envy.... that's it. Lmfao!


Dr. Sanders will have a tough time when approximately 400 students left through open enrollment. These students parents cared enough about their children's education to transport their children to another school. The Sandusky School system lost a large group of parents who valued education. It's like removing the middle class from the school system.

Good luck Dr. Sanders.