Ohio man arrested for barking at police dog

A 22-year-old Ohio man was arrested after authorities say he barked at a police dog during a traffic stop.
Associated Press
Jan 9, 2013

Dayton Daily News (http://bit.ly/U21Zk9 ) reports that Cameron Dunn was being detained in the back seat of a cruiser in Washington Township Monday when a police dog and handler were called to check the car for drugs.

A report says Dunn began barking at the dog and hitting the window of the cruiser. He's now facing a misdemeanor charge of assaulting or harassing police dog.

Officers found marijuana seeds on the floor of the car. He's scheduled to appear in municipal court next week.

Jail records did not list Dunn, and a working phone number for him couldn't found Wednesday



@ wiredmama222:

FYI: Property crime is up in CA, due to the alleviation of overcrowding:


And our Yahoo-in-Chief wants more gun control? Reads like an argument against.

Time to outsource our penal system to Mexico?


Well, preach it to the Feds who gave the orders about overcrowded prisons. When I read that I was sick to my stomach. I sure didn't order it. The truth is, I wonder how much overcrowding there would be if they didn't take so long to put to death the people on death row? Why on earth do some of the people on death row remain there 20 years after their sentences, when their appeals have expired? What is up with that?

What about habitual offenders? What do we do with them? Why not just build bigger jails? The population has increased and crime is up, why not jail room? Seems to me people need jobs, why not put people to work adding on to the existing jails? If the space is so limited maybe it is time to add on. Take the money from your precious gun sale taxes and add on to the jails then. Happy now? LOL


A police dog is the same as a human police officer therefore barking at a police dog is assaulting a police officer which should result in the death penalty.


If they are the same, how come the police dogs can poop in the grass?


I wonder if Cameron's bark is worse than his bite? I agree with Don S. the guy was just exercising his right to free speech, even if he was speaking dog. It could have been Klingon!!!!


Give the guy a flea collar and set him free. What the heck.


He's no bargain, but "Harassing a police dog" ?

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He figured the dog was more intelligent and was just trying to talk to him