New Senate leader puts economy at forefront

Ohio's new Senate president says extended term limits, changes to the state's political map-drawing process, and tougher abortion restrictions are among issues that could arise in the next two-year legislative session.
Associated Press
Jan 8, 2013


Celina Republican Keith Faber made the remarks to reporters during opening day of the state Legislature on Monday.

Faber said the fate of certain hot-button issues will depend on his GOP colleagues, who hold 23 of 33 seats in the chamber. He said jobs and the economy will remain the priority.

Faber said his caucus has "significant interest" in seeing Senate-proposed redistricting changes debated and finalized this session.

He also said he's working with Senate Democratic Leader Eric Kearney to identify at least five bipartisan priority bills.

Faber said appointments to newly structured committees will come Wednesday.




Phase in the elimination of the personal and business income tax and replace it with a "reasonable" consumption tax.

The personal income tax was set to expire and Gov. Strickland nixed it.

The Big Dog's back

No to consumption tax.


Afraid you will have to pay your fair share?

Licorice Schtick

Please don't. Taxes in Ohio are already upside-down - low-income people pay a higher percentage of their income than the rich.

Instead, please eliminate sales tax and reduce residential property taxes with a homestead exemption. Make up the revenue up with a more progressive income tax.

Particularly egregious is sales tax on used cars. Taxing the same item over and over again? Really?

Dr. Information

Proof that more lower income people pay more than the rich? Proof please, or are you just throwing out opinion again. I don't expect an answer. Just more pointless opinions.


@ Licorice Schtick:

Consumption taxes can be legislatively tailored to be less regressive such as little to no tax on necessities.

Yea, have greater tax on capital and watch even more flee the state. Not-too-bright.

Trying to get businesses in, not leave.

See what happened in IL, when they recently raised income taxes. Several major employers threatened to leave to no-income tax states.

No OH estate tax effective Jan. 1, 2013 – a step in the right direction!


Stop the extended term limits!. Our gov't was not intended to be a full-time job! Cut them off at one term.

Dr. Information

^luvblues....didn't you read lately that the liberal left wants to abolish the "a president can only serve 2 terms" legislation? They want Obama to be the Dictator of America.