Big vehicles mean big money in Erie County

A pack of the most expensive vehicles owned by the area’s four largest local governments can crash, smash and dash when necessary.
Andy Ouriel
Jan 7, 2013


Through a public records request, the Register determined the costliest pieces of equipment owned by local governments.

These five vehicles roam local roads or roll over refuse heaps as they help fulfill civic duties.

The high-priced rides are found at the Erie County landfill, the Erie County engineer’s office and fire departments in Sandusky, Huron and Perkins Township.

Pick up a copy of Monday's Register for a rundown of area government's highest priced equipment and what each does.



The full article highlighted Sandusky, Perkins and Huron's ladder truck for their respective fire departments. My question is why do we need three such trucks in such a small geographical area? Duplication of services? You betcha! Got to love unlimited spending by our government agencies.


I have not read the article, however Ladder Trucks are needed. No point in waiting 30+ minutes to get a ladder truck to a fire, by then it would be useless anyways. Just ask Milan when the City Hall bell tower caught on fire and no ladder truck except for Norwalk's could get there. Now Milan has a ladder truck (a small one but at least its something).

In fact, all this article is for is to flame the already disgruntled Commenters on this website.



Have a ladder truck located in Sandusky. Ten minutes to either Perkins or Huron rather than the normal five minutes. The high-rises in those two locations are staggering.

And yes, some of us are disgruntled with unlimited government spending even on the local level.


Hey donutshopguy i think your time is wrong. It should be 5 minutes to perkins rather then the normal 10 and if i recall even running with lights and sirens i have never made it to Huron in 10 minutes. It is more like 15 you poor informed man. Try to explain your logic of duplication of service to me if you can. Each city or township has it own requirements for their ladder truck. Of the three departments listed perkins is the shortest at 95 to 100 feet. Sandusky's 951 is 105 feet if my memory serves me correct and Huron's 451 is 110 feet. They each provide service to their individual communites but when need by a neighboring community the ladder trucks can respond when needed fully equipped and manned. Donushopguy i bet you live in sandusky and god forbid your house caught fire and SFD 951 was not available under your logic. You would be bitching up a storm faster then ever. One other thing thank the fire department for having that ladder truck. You may not know it but with 951 protecting sandusky along with the other fire turcks and ambulances you have a lower home owners insurace rate because of that truck. So next time think twice before you complain about something or speak out before you have all the fact.


Completely Agreed. Forgot about the Insurance Rates. Within 5 miles I think you get a discount.


Maybe they can sell a firetruck and start putting some GD salt on the roads.


It's called preparedness . If , heaven forbid , they ever needed multiple ladder trucks for rescue from two or more different areas of a single high rise then they would be able to do so . Come on , are you people that simple ? Oh yeah , in an emergency situation , EVERY SECOND COUNTS .


I agree with bnjjad . Fanning the flames .

old dog

Hey, Donutshopguy,I bet you would be the 1st. to complain that it took too long to get a ladder truck to your home, if needed.
Leave it alone!



So if I extend your logic we should have a fire truck at every high rise. Because EVERY SECOND COUNTS. Heck, lets have two. We should be prepared.

How about a policeman on every corner. EVERY SECOND COUNTS. How about a assault helicopter and a assault boat . You never know when the Canadians will attack. Lets be prepared.

What is acceptable ? How in the world did we survive with only volunteer fire departments a few decades ago? Use some logic with some of these major purchases that get used every three or four years.


Do we have any of those extras you mentioned ? NO 2nd ladder truck , NO helicopters , No assault boat . Why are you complaining about stuff we don't have in the first place . We have one ladder truck , and so do some of the surrounding communities that can assist if necessary . When you have a retirement high rise right here in Sandusky , how do you suggest we rescue elderly and invalid people from upper floors if they were cut off ? A small volunteer fire dept. would have to call for help in that situation . I highly doubt they would attempt rescue with hand extension ladders . I don't feel that what we have now is extravagant or unnecessary .


I will say this even though this is not what your comment is about.

Some communities in this country have taken Homeland Security funding and gone crazy with it. All you have to do is Google for articles about police departments getting armored battle tanks and UAVs for instance when they are nothing but small residential towns the size of Milan. But we do not have any of that. In fact I think Sandusky and the surrounding communities have done an admirable job on not spending excess in the name of security theater. There are few things that could be done or shouldn't of happened, but overall we have pretty good departments.

Swamp Fox

Another example of the Register creating an article from nothing, yes fire departments have fire trucks, yes the landfill has large earth movers, whats next the Coast Guard with ships... Better yet the Register trying real journalism, like that's ever going to happen under the present management..


What's the point of this article?
There has to be better stories to put in the paper.



Milan is still volunteer and I know for a fact that their ladder truck is used regularly. In fact it is dispatched on just about every emergency call that goes out whether its an accident or a fire. They use it because it can hold all of the gear that is required for the different situations as well as carry more firemen then the smaller trucks. Ladder trucks are more than just ladder trucks usually.

According to Ready.GOV - a entire house can be engulfed in flames in 5 minutes. Pretty sure that the extra 5 minutes to get to Huron from Sandusky (if that's even possible with drivers who don't move out of the way) would make it irrelevant to even dispatch the truck. Not to mention Huron has all of their industry buildings around, pretty sure Ladder trucks are required for those. And if multiple calls come in, one in Perkins and one in Sandusky, who gets priority on the truck if there is only one?

Everything on this list is required for safety and maintenance that everyone wants. Why bother with the article?


Donut posted 12-25-11: "You can still get the "pass" free through the state of Mass. Why pay the state of Ohio for something that is free?"

If Mass. "gave" you a "free" ezpass maybe they can send you a "free" ladder truck?