New breed of developers invest in downtown Sandusky

About five years ago, neighborhood talk went something like this: Downtown Sandusky was a diamond in the rough, and all it needed was a plan to turn "old into gold."
Melissa Topey
Jan 5, 2013


Enter 2013. There's a visibile revitalization downtown, which has become a destination for diners and shoppers alike. 

The Register recently met up with three people who own downtown properties: Benny Byington, an ambitious up-and-comer; Diane Ackerman, immersed in the glories of revitalization; and James Bertsch, a mainstay on Main Street, so to speak.     


Read about the people investing in downtown Sandusky in Saturday's Register.




Only good things to come your way Benny! Couldn't happen to a better person!


I applaude Mr. Byington and the Ackermans for their efforts. I know others who have expressed and interest in downtown development. Maybe this will move them forward.

Pastor Ron

Benny makes it snow!!!!


I applaude personal financial investment by individuals in Sandusky.


I wish them all goodwill and the best of luck.


Nothing against Mr. Byington, but man...if he would wear a Spartan style helmet, I'd swear he was the lead actor in "The 300".


or Hasidic Matisyahu

DEEPsix's picture

Mr Bertch recently was cited for failure to maintain one of his buildings... Until Sandusky gets rid of Ms Hardy the supposed city planner, the whole city will always be one of the worse cities in Ohio inwhich to live. andy "CHIEF ECONOMIST" for Moodys, which rates everything credit wise IN THE WORLD, noted in an article, Sandusky housing might be affordable, and the lake a beautiful place, but "it has nothing else worth moving there for..." bad schools, poor medical, and seriously poor city leadership... and NO JOBS." Look up Moodys, whom by the way is getting ready to DOWN GRADE THE AMERICAN GOVERNMENTS CREDIT RATING, and you google Zandys comments about Sandusky Ohio... Facts are facts, yeah you might get
a barbershop, or new drinking hole, but where are the real investment in the present, and future...?

Horace Mann

The Chief Planner is one of the most qualified, most experienced and hardest-working people the city has. That department is under-staffed but still manages to get the most imortant stuff done.

The negativism in this town is sickening - and causes our problems, and/or makes them worse. Please silence these fools.


What some call negativism, others call opposing opinion and viewpoints

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misspelled, Mark Zandy, chief economist, and Carrie Handy's name... in above post.


@ deepsix
I googled it and I think you are wrong. Sandusky was listed as a highly free rental area. Not sure what that means? Affordable groceries and medical for most living in the city.


I want to know where the free rentals are!


It's called Metro housing.


deepsix by your comments you seem somewhat interested in Sandusky. My question to you is if so interested why don't you invest in this city instead of asking where the real investment is? my guess deepsix is your own pockets arn't quite deep enough.