Ohio to see unemployment compensation change

The state's declining unemployment rate will soon trigger a decrease in the amount of federal unemployment compensation available to Ohioans.
Associated Press
Jan 4, 2013


The number of weeks of unemployment compensation available depends on the state's unemployment rate, which averaged less than 7 percent in September, October and November. That means the maximum amount of compensation available, including state unemployment compensation, will drop from 63 weeks to 54 weeks on Jan. 12

The reduction in weeks is largely unrelated to the measure Congress recently passed to avoid the so-called "fiscal cliff," which extended unemployment benefits for the long-term jobless for a year.

Ohio's Department of Job and Family Services estimates that roughly 66,000 Ohioans would have lost their benefits without the bill's passage.




still, there are few jobs around here in the winter months yet they don't much take that into consideration.


There are plenty of decent jobs in the area during the winter months if you've bothered to get the education to qualify for them. If you think you are going to get a good job nowadays with only a high school education and no effort other than putting in an application, you are doomed to be long term unemployed. In today's economy you need education, skills, the ability to network, and perseverance. Problem is, many people in this area still possess the mentality they are entitled to a $30/hr factory job. Those days are over, if you don't adjust you will be left behind.


Our nation is changing and with that so does the mentality. If you do not go to college or get some type of tech degree or trade skill, the market for getting a good job is slim to none. Push your children to better their education.


It is a shame that these days you have to have a degree higher than a high school for most jobs. I worked in a factory where you needed at least a high school diploma and most of the jobs could be done by anyone with a little training. I understand if it is working with robotics or some other type of job, but let's face it, if it is shooting screws, or packing parts, etc. why do you need a degree? Not everyone is capable of learning from books. There are many smart people out there that never graduated from high school.

Free Man

If you have no skills or education,you will end up at nasa plumbrook !