Snowstorm freezes business in heat of shopping season

Northern Ohio's first major snowstorm put a deep freeze on one of the busiest shopping days of the year.
Melissa Topey
Dec 30, 2012


The day after Christmas is typically a high sales day, as shoppers look to snag holiday deals while returning merchandise. They also use gift cards they received on Christmas, and they typically purchase more than what's on the card. 

But when a blizzard hit Wednesday morning, many people in north-central Ohio opted to say indoors.

“There was no way to even get close to our goals," said Hanna Taylor, manager of Charming Charlie at the Sandusky Mall. "We just did not have the customer traffic.” 

For more on how the weather affected the local end-of-the-year retail climate, pick up a copy of Sunday's Register.



Good maybe charming Charlie's will close and they can bring back a good restaurant like eastern buffet sad to see that place go had the best sushi


If you want good sushi try nagoya


Whaa. The greed factor was shut down by the weather.

Whiskey Tango F...

Your shopping was shut down by amazon. UPS & fedEX took care of all of your traffic. It also saved all of the $3.25/gallon gas, the sales tax, the food and drink, and yes your precious sales. Had your prices been fair to begin with, we would have shopped with you not the internet. History has an awesome way of repeating itself. When the mall was built, all of the mom and pop shops couldn't compete, tv shops, vacuum cleaners, appliances, lighting shops, fine clothes, all had to close up because you were cheaper and more convenient. Guess what? Those same tears and crying can be heard once again. Now you know how the little guy felt.



Second Opinion

FYI Off topic but can't find any other outlet to post this. THIS IS HOWEVER ABOUT SHOPPING FOR FOOD ! RIGHT?

The Register reported that Woolly Bear Rest in Birmingham had septic problems. Well they rent the place and decided tomorrows their last day in business.

I'll be there for their last served meal. :-)


Loved the Woolly Burgers with their sauce!

From The Deep Web

It's not the weather, it's the ECONOMY stupid!


The gift cards have already been paid for whether they are used or not. How does that hurt business?


Because you can rarely use the card to it's fullest without going over. Say you have a $25 gift card and you only use $23.99 of it. The rest of the gift card is null and void. They count on you spending more. Most gift cards are one use only. No matter what amount you have used on it.


I've never had one that was one use only. I was always able to use any balance the next time.


Anytime I have used a gift card, it got cut up right in front of me.


I have never had that happen. Even after the card was completely emptied the cashiers I have encountered always asked me if I wanted the card back. I always say yes because if I need to return something it helps to have the card you purchased it with. (Especially with non re-loadable visa gift cards.)


Last time I had a gift card was in the late '80s. If you want to gift me, I insist on cash or don't gift me at all. Christmas is one holiday that I ignore, anyway. :) Happy New Year!


Happy New Year to you too! :)


I've never heard of a one use gift card. What store does that? Any ones that I have ever used keep a balance.