Report: Ohio youth prisons improved, but need work

A report calls some changes to Ohio's youth prison system a model for the nation while highlighting continuing problems in the system with gang violence, education classes and medical care.
Associated Press
Dec 24, 2012


The annual report by a court-appointed monitor says Department of Youth Services administrators have done commendable work reducing the number of offenders in secure confinement and spreading services for youthful offenders around Ohio.

The report issued last week also notes problems with staff shortages, inadequate teachers and inconsistent medical records.

Advocates for youthful offenders say the report demonstrates the need for continued court-ordered supervision of the system.

The youth services department says the agency is not the same as five years ago and has made considerable progress complying with court-ordered changes.



Simple Enough II

Hmmm, How many are damaged beyond redemption to begin with?

Tru Grit

As someone who works for dys as a youth specialist the nice way of saying juvenile correction officer I will say much more when I get on a computer and not this phone.