Businessman leaves $14 million to Cleveland Clinic

A businessman who died last year at age 87 has left more than $14 million in his will to the Cleveland Clinic for cardiovascular research.
Associated Press
Dec 22, 2012

The bequest announced Thursday was left to the Clinic by Gus Karos, who worked in the restaurant business.

The bequest will be used to support a registry database started in the 1960's for cardiovascular research.

Along with earlier gifts Karos has donated more than $26 million to the research hospital.

Karos was born in Joliet, Ill., moved to Cleveland in 1960 and retired in 2000.



Dr. Information

What it comes down to is, THIS IS THIS MANS MONEY. He can do whatever he wants with it regardless of what the peanuts in the crowd say.

Julie R.

You got that right! It was HIS money and he could give it to anybody he wanted to --- and once again, it's a darn good thing he didn't live in corrupt Erie County and become totally incompetent before he died or the Cleveland Clinic would have never seen even a nickel of it.

White Bigot

The majority of people that are still living in the Sandusky area must be bitter, envious democrats who just can't stand hearing about people who are successful in our capitalistic society. No wonder your local economy is in the toilet.

Dr. Information

Spot on. Im sure the Democrats are still crying wanting redistribution of wealth...even in the case where someone dies.


Makes you want to take it with you :)

Julie R.

Your joke Erie County courts don't think people should be able to leave their money to who they want to. They think instead that if the elderly become incompetent and there's no chance they will ever be competent again, then their ATTORNEYS and even financial institutions should be able to say WHO they should have left their money and property to. Forged power of attorneys, forged wills, internal criminal changes to contracts, fraudulent transfer of property, etc., etc. --- wow! Records I have show the dirt-bags even transferred all the cash dividends out of 3 of my mother's life insurance policies that had irrevocable beneficiaries and then cash surrendered in the 3 policies ~ that had a $100K combined face value ~ for twelve thousand dollars two months before her death using a forged power of attorney that wasn't even filed in the Erie County Recorder's office --- instead it has "Power of Attorney" wrote next to fraud Erie County Recorder numbers faxed down the side of it.

Once again, it's a darn good thing the elderly man that left his money to the Cleveland Clinic didn't live in CORRUPT Erie County!


Ouch, make sure to give anything away before you go! That is if you have a clue. Sorry about your situation hope your Christmas is nice!
I saw something similar, a friends grandmother passed and the origional will left some to all five kids, somehow, yea right, the will was changed a few months before her passing and left it all to the one child. He was an x con!!!

Julie R.

I think you're missing the point. People can't forge power of attorneys and Wills without the assistance of attorneys. Neither can people fraudulently transfer property without the assistance of attorneys and your Erie County public officials. Neither can people make internal criminal changes to an incompetent person's contracts without the assistance of the dirt-bags that are employed by the financial institutions. Neither can attorneys file one forged Will with the Medicaid office and then a different forged Will two years later in the Erie County probate court without the "authorization" of the probate court judge. Neither can attorneys force property with serious defects in the title to be sold at illegal scam sheriff sales --- but your courts i.e. judges can.

Certainly is easy to see what the problem is in Erie County, isn't it?

Julie R.

Instead of Ohio having a Rule for Professional Conduct that attorneys may not engage in fraud, dishonesty, and deceit, Ohio better be making that rule into a LAW --- and that LAW should apply to your Erie County courts, too.

BW1's picture

Y'all can argue all day about whether this was the best place for him to bequeath his fund, but the one thing of which we can all be sure is that, no matter what the issue is, Julie R. will always be there to relentlessly try and make it all about her own personal family drama.

Julie, no one cares any more - you've made sure of that.

Julie R.

Forged power of attorneys, forged Wills, internal fraudulent changes to an incompetent person's contracts at an insurance company and a Huron bank --- not to mention a fraudulent transfer of an incompetent person's property on a forged power of attorney concealed in the Lorain County Recorder's office --- is a personal family drama? You must be delusional. I would call that CRIMINAL. If you don't believe it let's see the dirt-bags try pulling all that off on NON-AVERAGE citizen (like maybe the former Cedar Fair CEO or somebody like that) what they did to my mother. I'll bet your corrupt Erie County courts would meet their match then!

BW1's picture

Nobody cares any more Julie. You've beaten that horse into hamburger. No matter what the issue, Julie always finds some way to work her own sad tale of woe into the discussion.

All you're accomplishing is damaging your own credibility by demonstrating that you don't comprehend when and where to pursue the issue. Everyone knows how some shysters cheated you out of your inheritance, and your insistence on dwelling upon it, but not doing anything likely to be effective about it, only paints you as a crackpot.

One incident doesn't make a pattern. After years of hijacking discussions, and no one ever saying "hey, me too." you'd think you'd figure that out.

If you want to keep whining about your problem, at least do it somewhere where it's likely to be effective, like the office of a lawyer or private investigator or the attorney general. No one here can help you.

Julie R.

Shysters cheating somebody out of an inheritance? (make that three -- they even ended up defrauding the other fraud power of attorney)

Once again, you must be delusional. What those attorneys and those crooks from two financial institutions did to an elderly person at the end of her life was criminal. Only reason your jokes at the Erie County courthouse didn't want it to be known is because my mother's attorneys weren't just attorneys they were also judges and the Lorain County attorney was from the same law firm as the attorneys for MetroParks. That's why I gloated when they lost the Huron River Greenway case after it was taken out of corrupt Erie County. I also gloated over the other case filed by the former Vermilion mayor Jean Anderson that they just lost after it was taken out of corrupt Erie County.

As for nobody caring --- I do and that's all that matters. I'll be talking about those dirt-bags and your corrupt Erie County courts for the rest of my life. In fact, I recently embarrassed one of the fraud power of attorneys at a basketball game. I asked him how the corrupt Erie County courts were going to clear the title for the property they sold at that scam illegal sheriff sale. (just wait until I run into the rest of them that criminally defrauded my mother at the end of her life)

BW1's picture

No Julie, you're the one who's delusional. No one is denying that it was criminal. They aren't MY jokes at the courthouse; I neither support nor defend them. No one is denying what you claim, either. We all get it - they stole your inheritance, it's criminal, yada yada yada.

The point is, for all you claim to care, your actual actions are HELPING them get away with it. There's a point where, even though you're right, your own behavior makes that irrelevant, and you passed that point at least a year ago. If you actually want to be EFFECTIVE and get RESULTS, you need to do three things:

1. Stop acting like the crazy homeless dude on the street corner with the sign that says the world is going to end tomorrow. Realize that everyone who reads these forums knows your whole sad tale by heart, forwards and backwards. Repeating it yet again only makes them think you're crazy. What good has it done you, or anyone else? It's gotten you NOWHERE. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. All you're doing is building a reputation as a crackpot, so that, if you ever DO get your day in court, it'll be impossible to seat a jury that doesn't think you're nuts.

2. EDUCATE yourself so you can speak intelligently about what happened. You did not recently embarrass "one of the fraud power of attorneys" because that is impossible. A power of attorney is not a person, it's a piece of paper, and it can't be embarrassed. An attorney is a person. If you can't discuss the issue in a manner that doesn't paint you as a complete ignoramus, then every word you write or say only hurts you.

3.. Find someone - an attorney, a P.I., the attorney general, etc. who can offer you meaningful help, and research the proper way to approach them about the issue. Tell them, calmly, sanely, and using accurate terms (see #2) about your situation. Then listen.

Or, you can just keep ranting here, hijacking every topic, until you're blue in the face and known to everyone in the area as that crazy lady to avoid.

Julie R.

I sure must be embarrassing somebody. Notice how many comments got deleted on the Barb Johnson story?

Julie R.

Instead of saying I'm crazy and a whiner, why not look at the real point that I'm trying to make instead?

If the corrupt Erie County courts are going to give free passes to some people they should be giving those free passes to everybody, don't you think? Even YOU for example. You should be allowed to go to an elderly, incompetent person's attorneys and have new fraud power of attorneys and new fraud Wills prepared. You should be allowed to transfer an elderly person's property on a forged power of attorney concealed in another county causing serious defects in the title. You should be allowed to work in collusion with dirt-bag financial institutions to make internal criminal changes to an incompetent person's contracts for the benefit of another knowing full well what's left will benefit you. You should even be allowed to cash surrender in all of an elderly person's life insurance policies on a forged power of attorney with fraud Erie County Recorder numbers faxed down the side of it.

After all, your hypocrite Erie County courts sure can't say that SOME people are above the law without saying EVERYBODY is, right?

Dr. Information

Ill bite kURT. Who cares what its for. It was this mans money. If he wanted to donate it to the local animal shelter, he could have. If he wanted to donate it to the wild life foundation or to some orphanage in Russia, he could have. The point is, it was HIS money, HIS choice, not yours, or mine, or some liberal poster wanting to bash the Clinic, but will be at their mercy one day when faced with an illness or surgery and will want the best treatment.


Darn it granpa, I was counting on some of that money.


Really,,, he could have sent me some money ... I woulda been more than happy to adopt him. :)