Ohioan in stop-sign prank case gets early release

A central Ohio man has been granted early release after serving eight months of a four-year prison sentence for concealing a stop sign with petroleum jelly and plastic wrap in a prank that led to a fatal crash.
Associated Press
Dec 19, 2012


A Pickaway County judge on Wednesday suspended the rest 20-year-old Seth Stonerock's sentence. The Stoutsville man was given three years' probation and was ordered to complete 40 hours of community service and follow a 9 p.m. curfew.

The Circleville Herald (http://bit.ly/YljH6h ) reports Stonerock told the judge he takes full responsibility for what he did and feels he owes a debt to the community.

The August 2011 crash led to the deaths of an 81-year-old driver and her 85-year-old sister after they drove past the concealed sign and collided with another vehicle.



Phil Packer

Make that a-hole wipe butts in a nursing home for a year.


I sure wouldn't want someone this irresponsible taking care of my grandma or grandpa.

Simple Enough II

Huh, some prank, two sisters dead, and how was the jelly and saran wrapped stop sign supposed to have been some kinda joke?


WOW...you got this dude getting out early and for what??? What he did costed 2 sisters their lives......and then you got that fat a$$ who was supposed die in January but they took pitty on him cause he was to fat...yeah right... some justice system...neither of these idiots showed any mercy for the people they killed

G George I du kno

This is why people continue their lives of crime! There are no repurcussions for the crimes! He might as well have killed these people himself and he got 8 months, 40 hrs community service to repay his debt to the community, and probation which is a joke. I hope the family files a civil suit and take every penny he makes for the rest of his life! And every stop sign he sees for the rest of his life I hope he remembers their faces!


He did .... only his weapon was saran wrap and vaseline.


Oh, I dunno... he seems less of a danger that repeat drunk drivers who get their charges reduced so they can keep on driving...


The whole point of covering that sign was INTENT to cause an accident. He and his accomplice may have well used any other device to kill those ladies.

2cents's picture

A couple of things! How do the families of the two sisters feel about it? Did the young man learn a serious lesson being incarcerated for the period and really know his wrong? Where is Pastor Ron when you need statistics of his past run-ins with the law? Were there any, or was it a first time, very stupid prank? All this would play into the early release choice by the judge, at least I hope so. Finish the 4 years on probation that can be yanked any time!

Just saying!


I do not consider it a prank when you are fully aware of the fatal results your action could cause. A prank is putting lipstick on your buddy while he is passed out drunk. Eight months for two lives? Seems like white criminals get very lean sentences. That needs to change!

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You do have a race problem my friend, how sad :(


Pot.......meet kettle! Your fingers should have fallen off after typing that. Truth hurts!

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LOL, I’ll have to consult with my black friend I share breakfast with every other day!


Please do, you may learn something about yourself.

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We do discuss how the federal government continues to destroy the black culture; under the guise they are helping them! How federal policy has made me racist against policy, NOT people. How some top black executives, judges, congressmen and others fee they were let down by affirmative action because even though they worked very hard to achieve their level and deserve it, they feel they are also looked at as being in their position because there were quotas to fill and really wonder if their piers see them as earning their position or just assisted in it in a manner that was out of their control at the time. How would it feel to “never” know if you were in your position because you busted your arse to get there or just placed there?

he said she said

Wow. Now I wish I stayed in the life of crime. I could have killed a few people and got out of prison in less than a year.

I say let them out and rearrest them and tell them it was just a prank.

G George I du kno

Now that would be hilarious!!!

2cents's picture

There is a stop sign in our own town that will cause an low speed accident sometime if it already has not. If you leave Home Depot, back entrance by Sams Club the stop sign that was one time there is no more? I have noticed it gone for about three years, I said something to an employee back then.


I am very disappointed that Seth Stonerock got out of prison after only eight
months of serving his term. This was not a prank, this was intent to cause injury or death, and that is what happened. His actions caused the death of two women. How on earth is it fair that he only spends eight months of his life, locked away for his actions. This is not fair at all.


Fair? When did that enter into the equation?