Sandusky students fight school uniform rules

These teenagers are organized rebels with a cause.
Melissa Topey
Dec 19, 2012

Sandusky High students William Gilbert, 16, a junior, and DeMaje Jones, 15, a sophomore, are organizing a petition drive to change the school's uniform code. They want it relaxed, even if it's just allowing kids to wear more colors, rather than just navy or white shirts, Jones said.

"Why can't we express our style?" he said.

Click HERE to read about a study done on the affects of the uniform policy.

For more on the teen's effort's to change the uniform policy, pick up a copy of Wednesday's Register.



Dont let these cowards deter you guys from what you believe is right. Damn near all these peolpe responding on here isnt even from sandusky and no matter what you say they will try to have something to tear you down for the simple reason that you go to sandusky. You are not the first kids attacked on here by them the funny thing is if you were from perkins or huron there would be nothing but people telling you how much of a good job you are doing. Dont let these so called adults that are cowards and have nothing to do but bully some kids because of nothing but where they are from. Keep your heads up i have a son in SCS and it is sometimes hard to find uniforms for the simple reason alot of stores around here stop selling the, after a certain time so you are left with ordering them online.


Someone asked earlier if government and civics classes were still being taught in high school. If not, this should be a very good lesson about how government works. When confronted by the actions of the few, in this case, those students who refused to dress appropriately for school, and having no idea how to correct the situation, politicians will usually resort to taking away the rights of the whole. While the vast majority of students probably came to school in proper attire, it was easier to punish all students with a new uniform policy rather than address the individual problems or underlying causes. Welcome to Government 101!


Give these kids ONE day to prove what they are saying. If they violate what they are saying....even ONE person, then it is back to the uniforms and they need to be still about wearing them for the remainder of the time.

If it succeeds, then they will get one day a week in which they can "express" themselves and the rest of the week its uniforms. That expression does not mean they go back to the junk of before, but nice clothing can be worn: suits, dresses, skirts, etc. Not pants below the hips, shirts with decals, etc.

That seems fair. But they need to understand that if even ONE person violates the permission....even ONE...their goose is cooked. It seems one violated already on jeans day, so are they prepared to take that risk? They will have to self-regulate this entire project. The responsibility will be theirs to regulate, so if one person blows it for them, the problem is theirs with which to deal. They will have to make that clear.

Problem solved.

Dr. Information day? Thats like saying to your are grounded....for a minute....LOL.


Good policy, leave it alone. The more colors you allow, the more expensive to dress your child. Sandusky really needed this dress code. Another point, Maybe they should have organized before the dress code was put into place. It was easily recognizable that a code was needed. The blame for the dress code lays squarely on the shoulders of the students who refused to wear belts or dress in a respectful matter. Hey look at the good points, It's now possible to caryy things in both hand and not have your pants fall down.

looking around

Tell em you don't want to wear those silly band uniforms also.....hold off till the prom for your sense of style, then get even! That gets to them every time!


Let the kids where what they want. No baggy pants, no skirts/shorts that dont go passed their fingertips. There that was easy, just like the good old 1990's. All this crap about parents making up all these new rules even though none of those rules were in effect when they went to school. No wonder so many kids want to harm their parents. More rules doesnt equate more obedience, kids need to be able to express themselves.


Hey kids, life is tough and your protest is assiniene. I know you probably have never been told "no" before, so get used to it. If you think this is a challenge, having to wear a uniform, wait til you get out into the "real" world, wearing a uniform will be the least of your concerns. So go back to sucking your thumbs and pouting, hopefully you will, probably for the first time, not get what you want by stamping your feet. Grow up!!!


Bullies put you nerds up to this, didn't they? You look like the type who would WANT school uniforms!.. I'm not buying this BS..


@8ball I know both of these boys. And they have both been told no in their lives. And if you want to say nasty things learn how to spell. And William is a good student in honors classes who has earned every thing he has gotten and not been given everything by stamping his foot and sucking his thumb.
@Sandusky I'm not sure entirely what your problem is or why you think its bs. They are very serious about this.

Dr. Information

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Dr. Information

Moderators have removed this comment because it contained Personal attacks (including: name calling, presumption of guilt or guilt by association, insensitivity, or picking fights).

Dr. Information

You moderators are weak sauce. Remove my comments because what..... I said baggy pants look will more than certainly not get you hired in the real world? Weak.