Coast Guard issues winter warning for boaters

With winter officially beginning on Friday, the Coast Guard is issuing its annual cold-weather warning for anyone venturing out on the Great Lakes or frozen ponds, streams and rivers.
Associated Press
Dec 17, 2012


The Coast Guard district based in Cleveland patrols the Great Lakes region and says it's imperative to take cold-weather precautions.

The Coast Guard says water below 70 degrees can kill quickly.

It recommends a safety reminder system. The Coast Guard says be smart about weather and ice conditions, wear appropriate clothing and have safety equipment including a marine radio and life jackets.

The Coast Guard says boaters should never venture out alone and should always give relatives a destination and return schedule.



Licorice Schtick

I've made a point to stay off all frozen ponds this weekend.

wiredmama222 too. I gave up my ice skating this weekend for skinny dipping instead.


Welcome back, wiredmama. :)

2cents's picture

But, But, But! Yea, young and crazy, we motored over to Peele Island New Year’s day in Boston Whalers one time for fun. Had to push small ice chunks aside!


I do not know what is worse. Me commenting on your idiotic remarks or the fact that you guys actually make those remarks.
Many of my neighbors and friends have been out fishing this week still. The bite has been great and I think the CG means their statement for those people not some of you fools. Everyone knows there is no ice now but this is a statement to cover the whole winter. Idiots!