Cleveland Road in Huron to see improvements

U-turns coming to U.S. 6 near Fabens Park
Andy Ouriel
Dec 16, 2012


Entering and exiting at Fabens Park in Huron rivals the frustration of a slow Internet connection or a dropped cell phone call.

It's flat-out irritating.

Recognizing the inconvenience, Huron officials devised a strategy to alleviate motorists' dilemmas whenever approaching the problematic corridor.

City council approved plans calling for two U-turns, or a Michigan left, constructed in the grassy median separating Cleveland Road (U.S. 6) east and West near Fabens Park.

Officials expect crews will begin and finish the project in 2013.

The city will pay about $22,000 of the $272,000 cost. The remaining $250,000 came from a state grant.

Ideally, the U-turns strive to save drivers both gas mileage and reduce the number of migraine headaches this mind-blogging traffic layout poses.

"This will facilitate direct access for both east- and west-bound traffic," Huron city manager Andy White said, who spearheaded the design work.



A diagram would be nice to see. I hope the plan calls for about 500 feet of dedicated left turn lane so we do not have rear enders!

old dog

Just a accident waiting to happen.
East bound can turn right into the entrance, West bound can turn left into the entrance. But why have a u turn lane? That makes no sence.

Good 2 B Me

Since when did that area cause Migraine Headaches?


When you get pulled over for doing 65 in a marked 55 that is a 4 lane divided highway! It is a speed trap from the walk bridge until you merge onto RT2.

Good 2 B Me

That is as simple as not following the law. Not sure how it can cause a Migraine


LOL, they need a pull over paved lane just before the merge, there are so many pull over's the burm gets muddy :0

Good 2 B Me

And this is capable of causing a Migraine?

Good 2 B Me

Double Post!