Proposed Ohio animal abuse law may not survive

Legislation that would increase criminal penalties against kennel operators who abuse pets in their care probably isn't going anywhere during the current session in Columbus.
Associated Press
Dec 13, 2012


The (Youngstown) Vindicator reports that the bill was proposed after more than a dozen dogs died from starvation or neglect at a Mahoning County kennel. But lawmakers say the measure isn't expected to move out of the Ohio Senate this time because it lacks support.

The law would make it illegal for kennel owners, managers or employees to abuse or neglect pets in their care. Violations would be bumped from misdemeanors to felonies.

The bill passed the Ohio House in February. It was nicknamed Nitro's Law after one of the dogs that died at the kennel.




Okay, how exactly does a law like this "lack support?" I'd like to know just which state legislators would care to go on record as being in FAVOR of animal cruelty! Unless there are a whole lot of unrelated parts and pieces to this law, the only kind of lawmaker who could oppose it is one who cares nothing for the torture of living, breathing creatures. Yes, I know they're "just" animals. But any man or woman who thinks animal cruelty is okay isn't the kind of man or woman I'd want making laws concerning human beings, either! The lack of empathy alone is telling, isn't it?


I definitely agree with you SamAdams...why these people cant see the small picture (because it's not really that hard to notice) is beyond me and anyone I associate with. All I can say...the beginning of the stop----DICTATORSHIP


This guy is one of them that thinks this is a big joke!
Contact him and let him know HE is a joke!


behappy, I sent an e-mail to the joker for you. How can anyone be against this bill?!


Thank you 44846GWP. People have to speak up.


People that run our state~country for that matter~ truly worry me. If they can't get it right when it comes to animal abuse~what can they get right? I'm ashamed of all of them if they don't let this pass.


touche' -behappy-


I would admire the thought of the people running the show...however, look at what we have to work with...

Floyd P

It lacks support. If congress were to poll the taxpayers, of which over half have pets, they would find support. This is a lame excuse so now the abusers can continue to starve, shoot, punch, stab, maim, choke, poison, discard and set fire to animals, knowing it is a simple misdemeanor. I don't know how these people can sleep.


I just emailed the senator for my district and I urge others to do the same. Legislators need to know the public is paying attention to what they are doing or not doing. Information can be found in the following website:

nosey rosey

The entire Senate was apathetic to the problem. After months of e-mails, phone calls and FB postings, only 1 Senator replied to my e-mail and stated that he was in support of the law. Some others also came out in support via different forms of communication. But Senator Niehaus held all the calls and before retiring, he choose not to allow the bill to be voted on because he perceived it to be more punishment for animal abuse than for child abuse. Even though if someone had starved to death a group of children at a summer camp, they would be severely punished but starve to death several dogs who you are being paid to kennel, you get a mere slap on the wrist. Start contacting the new senate president, senator Faber, now to demand change in the future. Unfortunately, his track record is worse than Niehaus.