Report: lost inmate property costs Ohio taxpayers

A new report says lost or stolen inmate property costs Ohio taxpayers more than $150,000 a year in reimbursements and diverted staff time.
Associated Press
Dec 13, 2012


The report by a state legislative correctional committee says inmates lose property when they're moved from one cell to another, store property in unsecured storage areas or have it stolen by other prisoners.

The report says the losses can hurt inmates' legal outcomes when important documents go missing but also result in time and money taken away from the corrections system.

The report by the Correctional Institution Inspection Committee says one in five inmate grievances involve lost or stolen property and half of the property grievances involve material that was lost, damaged or confiscated by staff.




really...your in JAIL!!! Either put your stuff away, or lose it....uh, oh, I think I'm gonna vom. from all the stupidity floating around in our judicial system.


I would like to know what kind of property they are talking about.
A Toothbrush? Cookies? Whatever, I dont know.

Inmates keep important papers IN their cells?


Everything you just mentioned and more. Legal papers, clothes, hygiene items, food items, etc. For some reason they are only allowed so many items when they move and the rest is either stolen or thrown out.


Maybe, but we wouldnt be responsible for paying for lost documents....would we?


We should not be paying.

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Hmm! I would think that jail would be full of honest law abiding people, how could this happen? : )


Yes, those thieves should be locked up.

Tru Grit

As one who might know working in corrections for the state. IMO juveniles and adults should be given only the things they truly need, pencil, paper, soap, and things of that nature. If you saw some of the things I see on a day to day basis you can easily see how it's in the 150k range. Jail is not suppost to be fun and for some though it is.


@ Tru Grit
"...If you saw some of the things I see on a day to day basis you can easily see how it's in the 150k range..."

For real, tell me what they get that would add up to big $$$ ?


They are P.O.S. --F them.

Erie County Resident

Did these same inmates reimburse the state or victim for their crimes?
If the answer is NO, (and we know it is) to freakin bad!!!
Suck it up cup-cake and keep on a shufflin' to the next cube.