Kasich to lay out plan for Ohio Turnpike's future

Ohio's governor is ready to unveil his plans for making new money from the Ohio Turnpike.
Associated Press
Dec 12, 2012


Republican John Kasich will announce his proposal for the 241-mile roadway and closing a $1.6 billion highway funding gap at a series of events beginning Thursday.

The governor has said he won't propose selling the roadway to private investors, and a lease is also considered unlikely.

Many county leaders along the northern Ohio road don't want a private company to take over, predicting higher tolls and lost jobs for turnpike workers.

Other states have refinanced turnpike bonds at lower rates or automated toll collection to save money.

The governor says getting more cash out of the turnpike could pay for construction projects around Ohio. Diverting toll revenue would require changes in state law.




KasicK! I'd like to reveal my plans for you. Let this be. Give back your friends & your raises too. Then watch -"The Trailer Park Boys/Do the Big Dirty."

Julie R.

With all the senior citizens coming up, I think Kasich better start enacting some laws to protect the elderly and incompetent --- especially in Erie County where fraud is the name of the game.


If OH can find a buyer - privatize it.

When families are in economic trouble they often have garage sales and sell off some of their assets - no different.


That's stupid and dishonest. If you needed income, why sell your only income-producing asset? You're just promoting the libertarian agenda of liquidating EVERYTHING of value that We The People own.


Why Contango? This isn't selling a few old vinyls at a garage sale, this is selling the house and renting it back while you live in it. Have you been on the Indiana Toll Road lately? It used to be better than the Ohio Turnpike and now since it was leased out, it's in bad shape.


Kasich took lottery money that was "school money" and put it in the rainy day fund.

Rob Peter to pay Paul, until Peter.... Peters out..........

Licorice Schtick

Recall Kasich

Julie R.

A couple of guys were standing on Main Street in Huron a couple of weeks ago with signs saying "Recall Obama." I asked them why they were doing it and one said "because he's ruining our country." I had to laugh when he said that. I told him people can't even get rid of corrupt county public officials, so how did they think they could get rid of the President of the United States?

Julie R.

I think Kasich and DeWine, who claimed he was going to do so much about corruption but hasn't done anything yet, better get busy and start enacting some laws that protect the elderly. They could start by enacting a law that makes it illegal (said with sarcasm) for attorneys to prepare new fraud power of attorneys when elderly clients become totally incompetent. I mean who around would ever want some idiot attorney to make idiots like those ones from Huron their fraud power of attorneys someday? Those idiots not only fraudulently transferred an elderly incompetent person's property seven months before she died on a forged power of attorney concealed in another county causing serious defects in the title so the joke Erie County courts could sell the property at a scam sheriff sale at a substantial discount to a realtor to use as rental property --- those idiots even cash surrendered in the elderly incompetent person's life insurance policies that had a hundred thousand dollar combined face value for twelve thousand dollars two months before she died on a forged power of attorney.