Perkins report: Officer stopped co-worker, drove her home

Perkins Township administrators fired Officer Kate Barker on Tuesday and suspended her co-worker, Officer Tim Alexander, for seven days without pay.
Emil Whitis
Dec 11, 2012


A third officer, Lt. Vincent Donald, received a written reprimand. 

The discipline comes nearly three weeks after a Thanksgiving Day incident in which Barker was about to head to work intoxicated, according to Perkins police reports. 
After more than a week of delays, township trustees met Tuesday night to mete out the discipline, and finally agree to release police Chief Ken Klamar's internal report on the incident.
Klamar's six-page report finally details Alexander's role: He was on duty and driving a police cruiser when he stopped Barker's vehicle at about 2 a.m. Thanksgiving morning on West Perkins Avenue. 
He then gave her a ride home, although he never wrote a police report to document his activities, Klamar's report said.
Click below for documents related to the incident.
To keep reading this story on what happened that resulted in the disciplinary action, pick up a copy of Wednesday's Register.


eddie albert

cop, judge, and jury all in 1 nice of him to play taxi




That was quite a bit of drama played out in one huge PDF. I hope all are happy now. Kate gets to skate!...:) Good luck with further education, Kate. Don't let one misstep hound you for life.