Perkins officers disciplined in Thankgiving day incident

A Perkins Township police officer has been fired and two more reprimanded following an alleged drunken incident on Thanksgiving Day.
Sandusky Register Staff
Dec 11, 2012

Perkins Township officials said Tuesday evening Officer Kate Barker has been fired. She was accused of passing out in her car at Taco Bell after drinking at a bar early Thanksgiving morning. She then dressed to report for duty while still intoxicated before she was intercepted by Chief Ken Klamar.

Two other officers, Tim Alexander and Vince Donald were also disciplined. Alexander received seven days suspended and Donald a written reprimand for their roles in the incident. 

Click below to see Klamar's report. 

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Smoke another one, George.


the Perkins police chief handled this very professionally, good job, you have my trust in the department restored .Thankyou.

Tru Grit

Well I saw this coming from a bong of beer away. She got what she deserves, for the others wow I think you should be fired as well.


Where would this rag of a paper be, if it werent for the police in this area messing up? I am all for cops being held to a higher standard and that none of them should feel like they are above the law, but the "reporters" at this rag are border line obssessed with trashing cops. You take no consideration that these are people who have children who made a mistake and now are paying for their mistakes. However, you "people" cant leave it at that can you? You have to do story after story on it, until people just get sick of it. My opinion of these reporters, they are people whose lives are so pathetic that in order to make themselves feel important they have to write about things that happen to other people. Maybe you losers should go out, get your own life and stop living in your parents basement. I also think it is a jealousy thing, because they are doing a job few of us can do, you have to try and bring peoples lives to a screaching halt, in order to feel good about yourselves, then you have your fearless leader, Matt Westerhold, who has a few skeletons in his closet as well, but being the head man at this rag most people wont find out about his skeletons that should come out of the closet.....sad and pathetic


JohnDorian12 No one is forcing you to read the SR. They are reporting on the stories that people want to know about. You said "they have to write about things that happen to other people." Umm..yeah..isn't that what a newspaper DOES? Didn't know Matt Westerhold and the SR reporters had to pass a test for sainthood in order to be qualified to do their job.