Perkins officers disciplined in Thankgiving day incident

A Perkins Township police officer has been fired and two more reprimanded following an alleged drunken incident on Thanksgiving Day.
Sandusky Register Staff
Dec 11, 2012


Perkins Township officials said Tuesday evening Officer Kate Barker has been fired. She was accused of passing out in her car at Taco Bell after drinking at a bar early Thanksgiving morning. She then dressed to report for duty while still intoxicated before she was intercepted by Chief Ken Klamar.

Two other officers, Tim Alexander and Vince Donald were also disciplined. Alexander received seven days suspended and Donald a written reprimand for their roles in the incident. 

Click below to see Klamar's report. 

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well folks, here it is..


been there done that when i was younger. I just wasn't a policeman.People change ..I did

Good 2 B Me


Good 2 B Me

Release the comment hounds!!


Chief Klamar is to be commended on how he handled this whole episode. He did not allow himself to be pressed by anyone to release his findings. I for one am glad I live in the Twp. where the problems are handled right the first time. Rest assured we won't see her getting her job back on appeal.

Good 2 B Me

I don't feel Sorry for Ms. Barker. I do feel sorry for the decisions that she made. I cannot fathom throwing it all away for a little drinking. That is the shameful part in this. If she could have acted responsible, she would still be working and the other two would not have this on their permanent records. It does show us a little bit about the "Above the Law" mentality though, so it is for the best. Maybe this will teach some other people the lesson before they make the same or a similar decision.

eddie albert

but no OVI charges? imagine that.


T.A.,C.H. & V.D. are still left over from the last regime of T. Mc.. T.A., C.H. & VD should fire along KB for attempting to cover up this incident. Vince knows better. C.H. should be fired for just being the snitch of ratting everybody out; and he wanted to be the Chief of Sandusky. What a joke he is. C.H. had a tempered tantrum when his son received a traffic citation by Castalia P.D..


Really, because Vince went and told Klamar...would think if he was attempting to cover it up, he would have handled himself. Sounds like his only mistake was giving out advice he should not have instead of deferring to Klamar...maybe that's why he decided to go to Klamar himself...


You took the words right out of my mouth.I agree 100%.If people only knew half the stuff that V.D as done alone there heads would spin.An as far as C.H. Yeah he did thorw a fit like a lil school girl.


I hope she gets treatment.


Sorry Kate. If anyone else who likes to hang around the bars and drink all the time wants to be a police officer dont bother. Sooner or later it will bite you and you will be out years of work towards your retirement.

Hoss McGee

Kate Blart the new Sandusky Mall Security Guard


Taco Bell is hiring.

Intelligent Citizen

Maybe the Register will take down their biased stories now.


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The chief did the right thing and I commend him, as for the officer we all make mistakes in life I hope she learns from all this and grows also I hope she is seeking treatment and I'm sorry to hear someone has lost there job especially around the holiday season but it was the right decision.


Just think if she would have been smart enough to just call in sick. They do have sick days dont they.


All Officers are to protect and serve and up hold the law , how can officers do there job if they are permitted to brake the law cause they are officers of the law ?
These offices should have gotten the same punishment that anyone else would have gotten . I can not see myself respecting them if they can show disregard for the laws that they are suppose to be upholding and the department just giving some a lap on the wrist and too not to do it again and others losing there jobs .
Its not fair for the public and the tax payers of Perkins township . . I am not sayig they should all be fired , but I a saying that they all should get the same thing

Julie R.

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Do you ever make comments related to anything except the judges/legal system in Erie County? I swear, you could comment on an animal adoption article and still somehow make it about the judges around here.

old dog

ref@ SanduskyExpat. Your comment is well received by many, I am sure. JulieR, ya just need to get over it and move on.

Julie R.

Hey SR, how can it be libel and defamation when it's a matter of public record?

Julie R.

Moderators have removed this comment because it contained Personal attacks (including: name calling, presumption of guilt or guilt by association, insensitivity, or picking fights) and Libel and defamation.


You sincerely hope that I become a victim of something? Nice.

Julie R.

Considering the Sunshine Laws and how everything is supposed to be out in the open now, I think the new auditor and the recorder should start by cleaning up those very misleading records that are online in both of those offices.


How can we NonPerkinites pass through the township comfortably knowing that the LE may or may not hide the truth...can't be trusted...HEY WAIT!!! I thought that was the criminals jobs....oh boy...


These officers must not live in Perkins...I mean, this township NEVER, EVER does anything wrong....blach!!!


It is a shame a cop has lost her job but she had become a liability for the police department and the people she serves. Two other cops tried to help her but they got caught up in the moment and have been disciplined for it. Lessons learned the hard way that the police departments are not going to put up with any shenanigans and there are hardly any second chances given.


She got off easy by not being charged with any crime.


I cannot wait for Matt's opinion peice on why this punishment was not enough. I am sure that the Register had hopes there would be an old fashioned public hanging...

Maybe now we can get back to some real news.

local man

Why did she just call in sick that day? Where was her judgement in this matter?


When she left the bar her BAC had to have been at least .239. She had no judgement.

Just Thinkin

Well we have a Chief that upholds the law,I'm sure he checked everything out and made the choice that was best for Perkins, Thank You and to the Register sorry no dirt on this one, If I was chief I'd make sure your rag would be last to get any information on anything,


Well, maybe he does uphold the law but why no charges for the ex officer for DUI? Are you sure there's no dirt? You are thanking him for what exactly? Doing his job? Don't get me wrong, I like the outcome but it still seems like alot of stuff was not quite done right initially.


We need to remember that the amount of proof required for criminal charges is a whole different standard than is needed for disciplinary action on a job. Jamo, for instance has drawn a rather specific conclusion based on some set of assumptions.

Those assumptions may be valid, but assumptions do not cut it in court for criminal cases, which is a good thing, because I am sure that a prosecutor could provide a set of assumptions that would make Mother Theresa a serial killer.

Criminal charges come from the prosecutor's office, not the trustees. There might or might not still be more to come. I believe that the Perkins Police Chief found this mess in the morning and did his best to deal with it. He did not sweep it under the rug.

As for not responding to the Register's requests for information on an incomplete investigation, that makes sense. A part of a fact is not a fact. The open records laws are not as clearcut as the Register's management would have us believe and the "experts" they quote are only the ones whose positions support the Register's interests.


I agree with your comments re: open records now that more on the story has been released and published. But as I said in my comments on a previous article, the police should have either released the report OR advised that it was part of an ongoing investigation and would be released when the investigation was complete.

As the original story was told, it was entirely possible that we were talking about two separate incidents: The Taco Bell drive-thru matter, and the next morning when the officer apparently tried to go to work while still impaired. I can now see how events are tied together and how/when other officers were implicated. But would it have killed a Perkins Police spokesman to just SAY something? Stonewalling, even when it turns out to be entirely justified, doesn't satisfy ANYbody!

BW1's picture

The problem is the "ongoing" part - it may apply to the coverup, but not to the original offense. The average DUI investigation probably takes less than 30 minutes from getting pulled over to getting handcuffed. There shouldn't have been any need for an "ongoing" investigation.


Satisfaction is never guaranteed! Just because the register or citizens want to be satisfied with a response, does not mean its going to happen! And technically there was a response. Ken told the register reports would be available Thursday morning. The investigation took longer than expected, so what. There still was a response, but apparently no one was satisfied with that response. So again, satisfaction is never guaranteed.


What proof are you looking for? She was drunk, she was driving, and an officer witnessed it all, including the Chief in some part. We'll see if charges come out of this!


for her there will be another town and another cop job


for her there will be another town and another cop job


Once again i cant get over how the peolpe from perkins thinks since this is perkins its not suppose to be touched. But yet they respond and critize the spd whenever there is a article. When are you going to get over this its perkins so you cant touch it but we can say and do anything we want. GET OVER YOURSELVES.

Just Asking

I haven't seen any comment put down the SPD or say that Perkins is above the law. In fact most of the comments were just how the Chief was doing a thorough investigation and that the SR should wait.

In fact at last night's meeting the Chief even talked about a series of fender bender accidents to their new cruiser #11 (the one won in the seat belt program??). He talked about the officer being parked, giving a ticket I think, and someone backed into the car. Then before they could even get it fixed while parked at the ECSO someone else backed into it. Now if the Chief wanted to throw stones he could have said who this was. Instead he left it alone. It was only when I read yesterday's paper that I found out who it was.

In the whole series of articles about Barker, no one has made a comparison with any other department.


Well said Just Asking!

Ken does his job thoroughly, for all the people complaining that he's trying to "sweep this under the rug" or "cover it up", would you rather have McClung back? I know I for one do not!


Every town around Sandusky and Perkins think they are the same entity. We don't care if your little split divides you or not. It's ALL Sandusky to the the outlying areas. And Huron is quickly moving into that realm as well. Suck it up.


As a matter of fact we refer to Sandusky Walmart, Sandusky Meir's, Sandusky Mall, Sandusky branch of Ohio Business College, Sandusky Applebees, Sandusky Chili's, Sandusky Ryan's, Sandusky Lowe's, Sandusky Home Depot...etc, etc..

Good 2 B Me

Because we have to use Sandusky's Zip code. If I could address my Envelopes as "Perkins TWP, Ohio" I would. Unfortunately it is not recognized that way.


A good portion of Margaretta/Castalia are joining that as well.

Sit n Spin

With the free time on her hands and to pay for her legal bills maybe she should start a new reality show and call it.... Kate Plus .08

Ellis dee

I guess losing her job was enough punishment


Wow Kate...hope you learned from this.


Can I have fries with that?

2cents's picture

Most all DUI offenders have to go to counciling, Bayshore or other. Will she, probably not now that she is fired, it may be a good personal decision though?


Ms. Barker should probably do herself a favor and get herself some help, decide on her priorities in life, grow up, and move out of town as no one will ever hire her for anything in the area, not even Taco Bell. Yes, she made some really bad decisions but she is also an adult. I find it hard to feel sorry for someone so irresponsible, someone could have gotten hurt or killed because of her poor decisions. Going by the chief's actions, it appears he already suspected something or has had previous issues with Ms. Barker. Not quite sure why Mr. Alexander wasn't fired, imagine that, he was involved with her incident, guess that relationship is over. I am sure there are plenty of officers out there willing to take the job seriously and be responsible enough, hire them. Sounds to me like there needs to be an overhaul in that department. Sorry Ms. Barker but no sympathy here.

G George I du kno

1) There are a lot of holes in this investigation if you read it!

2) Reading the investigation is very different than the slanted article Westerhold wrote! Wonder how many articles he writes that are based on his assumptions and not facts!

3) Why was everyone disciplined except Klamar? He let a drunk woman, with a gun, who knew she was in trouble, to walk back in her house by herself with it. What if she decided she was getting fired and being drunk decided to shoot herself?

4) I have no problem holding cops accountable for their actions but if you want their respect and the respect of the community then you need to hold yourself accountable for your mistakes as well!

5) The witness that ID'd her from the paper would have ID'd whoever they plastered on the front page saying thats who it was.

6) I don't think Barker even drives a Toyota so why did everyone assume it was her?

7) Alexander had no reason to pull her over so how could he justify arresting her?

8) I think under the circumstances Alexander and Donaldson did the right thing by making sure she got home without hurting anyone. Alexander should have washed his hands of it at that point and he would be fine!

9) Where is the cover up? Donaldson called the Chief in the middle of the night to tell him about it.

10) How can you charge her with coming to work drunk when she never made it to her ride to work? They stopped her in the front yard of her residence. Charge her with being drunk when she was suppose to be at work and be done with it. She will win this one.

G George I du kno

1) Report the facts not what you want the facts to be Mr. Westerhold! How do you undo all of the inaccurate statements and assumptions you printed? People want the facts not your thoughts!

2) Hilton called Donaldson to the Pump to say Hi, not report that Barker was drunk. Inaccurate and not what Klamar wrote in his investigation so you misquoted him! Westerhold writes “The off-duty officer told the on-duty officer that Barker was inside the bar and she had been drinking, Klamar said.”

3) The call at Taco Bell doesn't say it was an employee. Inaccurate according to investigation but Westerhold writes “An employee at Taco Bell on West Perkins Avenue called Perkins police and said a woman driver had passed out in a vehicle waiting in the line at the drive-through.”

4) You made it sound like they found her drunk in the lot and took her home. Your article says the vehicle description matched that of Barker’s car but the investigation said “It was just a gut feeling ” when asked why they thought it might be Barker. You wrote in the second article “When officers went to investigate, they found Perkins Officer Kate Barker in her silver Toyota nearby, according to police. Nope not even close! Innacurate

5) Your original article said it was her at Taco Bell but they looked in her car and never found signs of Taco Bell and they were never able to prove it was her. Innacurate

6) Westerhold ignores advice from Perkins Twp Attorney but tries to influence people anyway. Westerhold writes "Why don't you wait until all the facts are assembled to discuss this," Coppeler said. "There's no reason to try to influence decisions at this point."

Wish I could cut and paste comments in your printed articles because there is much more!


Smoke another one, George.


the Perkins police chief handled this very professionally, good job, you have my trust in the department restored .Thankyou.

Tru Grit

Well I saw this coming from a bong of beer away. She got what she deserves, for the others wow I think you should be fired as well.


Where would this rag of a paper be, if it werent for the police in this area messing up? I am all for cops being held to a higher standard and that none of them should feel like they are above the law, but the "reporters" at this rag are border line obssessed with trashing cops. You take no consideration that these are people who have children who made a mistake and now are paying for their mistakes. However, you "people" cant leave it at that can you? You have to do story after story on it, until people just get sick of it. My opinion of these reporters, they are people whose lives are so pathetic that in order to make themselves feel important they have to write about things that happen to other people. Maybe you losers should go out, get your own life and stop living in your parents basement. I also think it is a jealousy thing, because they are doing a job few of us can do, you have to try and bring peoples lives to a screaching halt, in order to feel good about yourselves, then you have your fearless leader, Matt Westerhold, who has a few skeletons in his closet as well, but being the head man at this rag most people wont find out about his skeletons that should come out of the closet.....sad and pathetic


JohnDorian12 No one is forcing you to read the SR. They are reporting on the stories that people want to know about. You said "they have to write about things that happen to other people." Umm..yeah..isn't that what a newspaper DOES? Didn't know Matt Westerhold and the SR reporters had to pass a test for sainthood in order to be qualified to do their job.