Perkins officers disciplined in Thankgiving day incident

A Perkins Township police officer has been fired and two more reprimanded following an alleged drunken incident on Thanksgiving Day.
Sandusky Register Staff
Dec 11, 2012

Perkins Township officials said Tuesday evening Officer Kate Barker has been fired. She was accused of passing out in her car at Taco Bell after drinking at a bar early Thanksgiving morning. She then dressed to report for duty while still intoxicated before she was intercepted by Chief Ken Klamar.

Two other officers, Tim Alexander and Vince Donald were also disciplined. Alexander received seven days suspended and Donald a written reprimand for their roles in the incident. 

Click below to see Klamar's report. 

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well folks, here it is..


been there done that when i was younger. I just wasn't a policeman.People change ..I did

Good 2 B Me


Good 2 B Me

Release the comment hounds!!


Chief Klamar is to be commended on how he handled this whole episode. He did not allow himself to be pressed by anyone to release his findings. I for one am glad I live in the Twp. where the problems are handled right the first time. Rest assured we won't see her getting her job back on appeal.

Good 2 B Me

I don't feel Sorry for Ms. Barker. I do feel sorry for the decisions that she made. I cannot fathom throwing it all away for a little drinking. That is the shameful part in this. If she could have acted responsible, she would still be working and the other two would not have this on their permanent records. It does show us a little bit about the "Above the Law" mentality though, so it is for the best. Maybe this will teach some other people the lesson before they make the same or a similar decision.

eddie albert

but no OVI charges? imagine that.


T.A.,C.H. & V.D. are still left over from the last regime of T. Mc.. T.A., C.H. & VD should fire along KB for attempting to cover up this incident. Vince knows better. C.H. should be fired for just being the snitch of ratting everybody out; and he wanted to be the Chief of Sandusky. What a joke he is. C.H. had a tempered tantrum when his son received a traffic citation by Castalia P.D..


Really, because Vince went and told Klamar...would think if he was attempting to cover it up, he would have handled himself. Sounds like his only mistake was giving out advice he should not have instead of deferring to Klamar...maybe that's why he decided to go to Klamar himself...


You took the words right out of my mouth.I agree 100%.If people only knew half the stuff that V.D as done alone there heads would spin.An as far as C.H. Yeah he did thorw a fit like a lil school girl.


I hope she gets treatment.


Sorry Kate. If anyone else who likes to hang around the bars and drink all the time wants to be a police officer dont bother. Sooner or later it will bite you and you will be out years of work towards your retirement.

Hoss McGee

Kate Blart the new Sandusky Mall Security Guard


Taco Bell is hiring.

Intelligent Citizen

Maybe the Register will take down their biased stories now.


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The chief did the right thing and I commend him, as for the officer we all make mistakes in life I hope she learns from all this and grows also I hope she is seeking treatment and I'm sorry to hear someone has lost there job especially around the holiday season but it was the right decision.


Just think if she would have been smart enough to just call in sick. They do have sick days dont they.


All Officers are to protect and serve and up hold the law , how can officers do there job if they are permitted to brake the law cause they are officers of the law ?
These offices should have gotten the same punishment that anyone else would have gotten . I can not see myself respecting them if they can show disregard for the laws that they are suppose to be upholding and the department just giving some a lap on the wrist and too not to do it again and others losing there jobs .
Its not fair for the public and the tax payers of Perkins township . . I am not sayig they should all be fired , but I a saying that they all should get the same thing

Julie R.

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Do you ever make comments related to anything except the judges/legal system in Erie County? I swear, you could comment on an animal adoption article and still somehow make it about the judges around here.

old dog

ref@ SanduskyExpat. Your comment is well received by many, I am sure. JulieR, ya just need to get over it and move on.

Julie R.

Hey SR, how can it be libel and defamation when it's a matter of public record?

Julie R.

Moderators have removed this comment because it contained Personal attacks (including: name calling, presumption of guilt or guilt by association, insensitivity, or picking fights) and Libel and defamation.


You sincerely hope that I become a victim of something? Nice.

Julie R.

Considering the Sunshine Laws and how everything is supposed to be out in the open now, I think the new auditor and the recorder should start by cleaning up those very misleading records that are online in both of those offices.


How can we NonPerkinites pass through the township comfortably knowing that the LE may or may not hide the truth...can't be trusted...HEY WAIT!!! I thought that was the criminals jobs....oh boy...


These officers must not live in Perkins...I mean, this township NEVER, EVER does anything wrong....blach!!!


It is a shame a cop has lost her job but she had become a liability for the police department and the people she serves. Two other cops tried to help her but they got caught up in the moment and have been disciplined for it. Lessons learned the hard way that the police departments are not going to put up with any shenanigans and there are hardly any second chances given.


She got off easy by not being charged with any crime.