Perkins closing the door on many open enrollment requests

If you want your child to attend the well-regarded schools in the Perkins Schools district, you may have to move into the district.
Tom Jackson
Dec 8, 2012

Open enrollment, a program that Superintendent Jim Gunner launched after taking over as superintendent in May 2008, currently takes up about 525 slots in the school system.

That’s most of the available places, and there are 80 students on a waiting list, Gunner said.

“We have very little space. We are full at most grade levels,” Gunner said.

There were 50 students on the waiting list last year, he said. Because a waiting list has developed, families moving to Erie County are advised that the only way to guarantee admission of their children to the Perkins Schools is by living in the school district.

For more on open enrollment at Perkins schools and how it has changed the district's finances, pick up a copy of Saturday's Register.



Sorry for the double post...


The way I see it...

Windmills- better to have tried and fail then never try at all. From what I understand, they never paid for them, and decided the company wasn't qualified so they had them yanked out. No loss to taxpayers, just public misunderstanding. 

STEM and academies- you're  wrong and right. Academies are coming, of which STEM is one I them. Will there be more flexibility with schedules, yes. Will it save money, yes. The state has made significant cuts and Gunner is trying to get ahead of it. It's a progressive model that has been discussed at numerous school bots meetings. I know most people rely on the register for info but SR rarely sends a reporter. Onus is on the school to communicate what is happening. 

Facility and communication- yep, we need new buildings, badly. Communication, it's tough because people don't want to listen. They seem ok with things how they are. Gunner may be too progressive for Perkins but his ideas are dynamic. As far as living in the district, I could care less. The last super lived here and she sucked  Give me the best guy for the job. Period. I wish gunner nothing but the best. His fresh perspective is a breath of fresh air for our area. 

Like it our not, with education funding so screwed up In Ohio, balancing dollars and the quality of education that a community wants will be driving decisions for years to come. What Perkins wants will show In May I guess.


The print edition of the article actually articulates the stipulations under which a student may not be accepted as an open enrollment student even if they apply within a timely fashion.

When this was originally promoted to the community, it was suggested that the school district could be selective about who they allow to enter the school district. Furthermore district officials suggested they were able to more easily expel open enrollment students.

Turns out that the law doesn't allow that. If a school district has open enrollment, they are required to accept all students who apply (within their # limits) if they haven't had a suspension of 10 days. Once they accept a student, they can't expel them any easier than they can a student who resides in the district.

There are some pros and cons to all of this, but it is important that the community knows exactly what the law says rather than just what is promoted to pass a policy change.