Ohio official rebuffs idea of challenging Kasich

Ohio's elections chief has squelched rumors he might be preparing to challenge Gov. John Kasich in a Republican primary two years from now.
Associated Press
Dec 7, 2012


Secretary of State Jon Husted told reporters Thursday that if he runs for anything in 2014 it would be for re-election to his current job, where he oversees business filings and elections in the battleground state.

The 45-year-old Husted has served as state senator and speaker of the Ohio House. He's widely mentioned as an eventual contender for the governorship.

His remarks came at a news conference held to certify results of the 2012 election, including Democratic President Barack Obama's victory in Ohio.

Husted said deciding his political future is less a priority this week than wrapping up the election and being with his family.




Anyone from the Democratic party may have a chance against Kasich, but someone with some BRAINS would be preferred. Actually, I am so against this "party" system, I would love to see some with brains run, outside the party system who could LEAD this state, preferably with a degree of some kind that has lived in Ohio all their lives.


Those outside the "Party" system are not invited to the party and some even get arrested in the parking lot for showing up. You can thank the party hacks for your lack of choice.