Judge: Humane Society can join Ohio exotics suit

A judge has ruled in favor of allowing the Humane Society of the United States to join the state in defending Ohio's new law regulating exotic animals.
Associated Press
Dec 4, 2012


Four owners filed a lawsuit in Columbus federal court last month, contending the restrictions threaten their First Amendment and property rights.

The Humane Society argued it has a significant interest in defending the law that it strongly supported, as well as an interest in the lawsuit's outcome because the organization is pushing similar laws nationwide.

Federal Judge George Smith in Columbus on Monday ruled in favor of the group joining the suit.

The animal owners had opposed the move, contending the Humane Society's interests are political, and the group failed to demonstrate how the state wouldn't protect its interests.



Darwin's choice

This story again? The humane society of the united states are a bunch of wacko's !


Wackos? Where?


Darwin you are probably right, however I would have to think that anyone that insists on keeping exotic animals in there home is probably wacko as well.

nosey rosey

Why is the state spending time and money on a law that effects a small handful of people when they won't vote on HB108 that will make some forms of animal abuse a felony in this state. Ridiculous!


their home. affects a small handful. press 1 for English.