Gas prices down in Ohio

Gas prices are down this week in Ohio.
Associated Press
Dec 3, 2012


The average price for a gallon of regular gas was $3.37 in Monday's survey from auto club AAA, the Oil Price Information Service and Wright Express. That's 15 cents lower than a week ago and the first time in three weeks that prices are down to start the work week.

Pump prices in Ohio are 11 cents lower than this time last month. Last year at this time, state drivers were paying even less — $3.23 a gallon.

Nationally, the average cost was about $3.39 per gallon on Monday. That's 11 cents higher than the national average at this time last year.




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I will expect a JUMP in prices within about 48hrs. Seems as SOON as this report comes out and is in the paper, the price goes UP.


Agreed ladydye. Everytime. The register must get a kickback for posting this.


And the Fed says that there's no inflation; priced food lately?

Noticed that many of the portion sizes are smaller for the same price?

Your USD is becoming increasingly worthless boys and girls. That's how most govts. get themselves out of debt - debase the currency.


Well LadyDye, your were right. As usual it jumped .30 a gallon. Now $3.49 at BP Stations.


Please stop posting that gas prices are down. Every time you do...they jump up. I would really appreciate it. When they come down....let it alone. I swear every single time you guys write about it, they go up.

Do us all a favor and be silent....Thanks. One grateful reader.