REPORTERS NOTEBOOK: Cedar Fair decommissions Star Trek show

Last week, when Cedar Fair released its revenues for the first half of 2009, it blamed Star Trek for part of the 11 percent drop in
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010


Last week, when Cedar Fair released its revenues for the first half of 2009, it blamed Star Trek for part of the 11 percent drop in revenues.

Cedar Fair CEO Dick Kinzel cited several reasons for the revenue drop but said the closure of Star Trek: The Experience in late 2008 was one of them.

This might seem to be an episode of bad timing. The new Star Trek movie, simply named "Star Trek," has been a huge hit since its release in May and has garnered many rave reviews. It's widely credited with reviving interest in the franchise among younger couch potatoes.

Stacy Frole, Cedar Fair's spokeswoman, says that although Kinzel isn't from Vulcan, closing the show was perfectly logical.

The decision was made because the lease at the Hilton in Las Vegas expired, she said.

Don't look for Cedar Fair to revive it elsewhere.

"We have sold some of the assets to someone else," she said. "We felt it was really built for that location. To move the assets was not going to be advantageous for us."

Don't give up hope, Star Trek fans. Remember how Spock died in one movie and came back in another? The Wikipedia says Star Trek: The Experience will reopen at another location in Las Vegas in 2010.

-- Tom Jackson

Cars welcome on Kelleys, really

Kelleys Island was featured among Health Magazine's top 10 Healthiest Beach and Lake Destinations on NBC's the Today Show on Friday.

Dr. Roshini Raj, the magazine's medical editor, pitched the island as a secluded get-away with biking, water sports, inexpensive lodging and great local fish dishes at island restaurants.

"A lot of people don't know about it," Raj told Al Roker on the morning program.

Apparently that includes Raj. During the interview she said the island doesn't allow cars.

I hope eager visitors to our isolated isle aren't too disappointed when they realize they can drive onto the Kelleys Island Ferry.

-- Sarah Weber

Seeking: Guardian angel

Terry Montgomery is looking for his guardian angel. He credits that person for saving his life after a serious scooter crash two weeks ago in Sandusky. Montgomery said his scooter "got away from him," sending him flying onto the concrete. Slipping in and out of consciousness, he said he remembers a man coming to his side to rescue him. That man took him to Firelands Regional Medical Center, where he had between 80 and 90 stitches. Montgomery said he's now recovering but never got a chance to thank the man who found him.

"I don't know who he was," Montgomery said, "but he basically saved my life."

It just goes to show there might be angels among us after all.

-- Annie Zelm