Taco Bell worker IDs Perkins cop as passed out customer

Perkins police administrators have confirmed Officer Kate Barker was indeed the woman passed out in a car at a Taco Bell drive-through early Thanksgiving morning.
Emil Whitis
Nov 30, 2012

After seeing Barker's photo in the Register this week, an employee at the fast food joint confirmed the woman was Barker, police said.    

Barker was placed on paid administrative leave Thanksgiving Day, after police Chief Ken Klamar, acting on a tip from an employee, arrived at her home and found her intoxicated as she was about to head to work.

She was dressed in full uniform — including a handgun strapped to her belt — when Klamar showed up at the home. He took her to Firelands Regional Medical Center, where a test registered her blood-alcohol content well above the legal limit of 0.08 percent, police said.   

At least two other Perkins officers, still unnamed, are also the focus of Klamar's internal investigation into the morning's events.    

Klamar has promised a "swift" and "thorough" investigation.  

For more on this ongoing story, pick up a copy of Friday's Register.



So she was driving drunk and passed out in the Taco Bell drive thru Thanksgiving day ?

Just add her to the list of other LE misfits from the area. You just got to love a drunk police officer with a gun. Of course the "blue line" coverup was in full force.

Phil Packer

Well played, Kate.


Ummmmm yeah, SR you might want to read your headline out loud so you can see it doesn't make sense. Try the word "as" instead of "at".


This is a shame.

Local LE has been taking it on the chin as of late. Personally when trouble arises within the ranks, I feel for the force as a whole. I know a few cops. They are dedicated and doing a fine job protecting us. It's a tough job one that I'm glad I didn't do.


(an employee at the fast food joint)
I think Taco Bell would prefer restaurant!


So someone in LE had some drinks, on the biggest drinking day of the year, big deal. Do you read the police blotter? Do you blame her or any of them for "cutting loose" for an evening? Trying to report for duty was wrong, but atleast she told them why she was calling off. It would be just another entry on page A9 if she didn't have a badge.


She drove home drunk. She's a cop.


She messed up, yes, but it's only making headlines because of that. I'm sure plenty of other people drink and drive with higher titles. I'm pretty sure a Firelands ER doc has gotten several DUIs and he's still treating patients.

Good 2 B Me

ER Doc s not in question. A POLICE OFFICER DRIVING DRUNK is what is in question. Sworn to uphold the very same law that she has taken for granted!


Beat me to it G2BMe. Same same , though.


The doc doesn't pull people over for breaking the same law she did, either....How can one uphold the same law that they have broken themselves?

Good 2 B Me

Well said! Kind of hyprocritical huh!


Yeah? In what instance have you watched a doc pull someone over on the highway and take them to jail for having bronchitis or kidney failure? LOL G2BMe...:)


Sooooo, it's not OK for a police officer to make a mistake of drinking and driving, but it is OK to let an intoxicated doctor slice you open?


There are laws against that as well.


And really? She made a "mistake"? SHE DROVE HOME DRUNK. SHE'S A COP.


You stated that already. Go on.....


:(...Go back to school, darlin'.

Second Opinion

Let me guess, you also consider legalizing same sex marriage and drug use as a great idea too .....

Good 2 B Me

What an arrogant assumption. How about focusing on the story instead of peronal atacks on commenters.

Second Opinion

If you noticed, my reply was not to you but to YouDontSay. And it does focus on his/her statements, if whoever youdontsay is can't reason out what you posted then his reasoning skills are so bad he also can't understand God or morality.


Police officers know better as they are held to a degree of higher reasoning than we are . They know the laws are there and are sworn to uphold them. Breaking them is not something deliberately themselves that any police officer would do.

This girl knew better but went ahead and deliberately drove drunk, passed out in her car and still tried to drive. Being that intoxicated in a vehicle shows not only impaired judgement, but failure to exercise ANY judgement whatsoever. She should have had someone come and get her until she could sleep it off.

Instead she chose to break the law. She is lucky she didn't kill someone in the process of driving intoxicated.

I fear it could have been me....or you. All cops know the rules...her included.


Love it ! meant for LOVESBLUE2 I hie reply but not hard enough !


She drove home drunk. She's a cop. <<< luvblues2

You don't know if she drove home drunk.


She was not only driving drunk, but she was going into work in full uniform and carrying a gun WHILE STILL INTOXICATED!!!!. I find this totally unacceptable. Way to go Chief!!!


She pulled me over in August. Told me she smelled booze. Really? Sober as a church mouse I was. She smelled herself! I wanted to persue it further but the with wife asked me to just shut it down.


There's a security job at the mall for the holidays in her future.

Darwin's choice

" Kate Blart "?? "Mall Cop"


I wonder how many busts she has accrued for DWI...What will those people think when she gets off and just loses her job?


1. I truly believe there should be courtsey amoung police officers.... as in if they become too drunk to drive off duty, they should be able to call and officer for a ride if they are not busy at the time. 2. However, If I KNEW I was supposed to work at 3am... I would be in bed by 8pm....Not out drinking, whatever job I do. I would not be calling off last minute because i became too drunk. 3. Taxis in Sandusky run $6 anywhere in the city.... and they will run thru taco bell for you.