Cleveland official wants to help kids save for college

A top government official in northeastern Ohio's Cuyahoga County says he wants to start off every kindergartner with a $100 college savings account.
Associated Press
Dec 1, 2012


Ed FitzGerald, executive for the county that includes Cleveland and suburbs, tells The Plain Dealer ( ) he thinks the move will create a "culture of college attendance" for children and their parents.

The effort — which would kick off next fall with about 15,000 children — would fulfill the county charter's mandate that county leaders establish a postsecondary scholarship program. FitzGerald said he wants to create an incentive program for all county children instead of a traditional scholarship.

According to research, children who have designated some savings for school are nearly four times more likely to attend a four-year college than those with no account.




Great concept.

Just fund it with private dollars rather than another entitlement vehicle.


Article says it has to be voted on , so guess what that means .


What happens to the funds that are allocated to those students who don't pursue any secondary education or don't graduate high school? With the mindset of today's government they will just hand over the money anyway. Remember it's free money from your government.

jon491 says it goes back if not used.


With interest rates so high, that should be a real winner. NOT


Too many people, now, who go to college and either can't do anything with it or won't do anything with it.

Don S

This is well intended, but it won't fly !!!!!